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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

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Two episodes ago, things looked rosy. The Sharon last seen getting murdered by Cally claimed she had a conscience, that she knew "the difference between right and wrong." Six (Gaius's flesh-and-blood girlfriend from the miniseries) proclaimed her love for Chip Gaius: "My heart and soul are yours." Six and Sharon realized that they were dangerous, "celebrities in a culture based on unity." They realized that they were two "heroes of the Cylon," who had "different perspectives on the war," based on their love of Chief Tyrol and Gaius Baltar. "Jealousy, murder, vengeance," they decided, were all "sins in the eyes of God." The slaughter of mankind was a "mistake." They set loose Sam Anders with a gun and admitted that they were new, that they didn't know "what kind of people" they were. Six and Sharon promised each other to "change things for the better," and decided to create "a new beginning, a new way to live in God's love. Without hate. Without all the lies." They promised to "show them the way." Proudly, they proclaimed that they were alive. That was a month ago. It was very exciting, if you -- like your humble recapper, like Helo -- believed in the Cylon capacity for humanity. In the development of them. Some shit's happened between then and now.

Now. Starbuck's rescue party is still pinned down on Caprica, having rendezvoused with Anders's Resistance cell. (The credits come between the previouslies and the teaser, which is long enough to be an act. 49,550 souls in the Fleet. For a sec.) Centurions at close range, people still in a huddled group on the ground. Starbuck and Anders resolve to fall back to a bivouac the Resistance has set up. They charge up the hill, Sharon leading the stragglers, as ever.

Up in Galactica's sickbay, Cottle is speaking. "Jaw set nicely. You're done here. I'm kicking you out of here and sending you back to work." He's talking to Cally, whose face is fucked up. She can barely speak, jaw wired shut. "Work like this?" she asks him. Cottle cracks some crotchety joke about how women always complain, and tells her she has a visitor. It's Chief Tyrol. Who fucked up her face. He fidgets painfully, and she looks across at him, love in her eyes. I have this rule that if somebody hits you, even once, it's over. Circumstances, details, whatever. Men don't do that. Humans are better than that. Somebody hits you, pack your bags and don't look back. If it's meant to be, it's going to be with a person so unlike the person that hit you that it won't matter. It's not days, it's not months: it's miles. That's a person who crossed the line, and that means you're looking at a person who can cross the line, who is not somebody that needs a girlfriend. By the time they're ready, they won't be them anymore: they'll be somebody who can't cross the line. I'm not saying Chief's a bad guy; that's oversimplifying: I'm saying Chief is a guy who doesn't need a girlfriend right now. (And that I hate Cally, and Helo? He doesn't need a boyfriend either. Remember the wrench.) It's not that Chief's a spouse-abuse case -- I want to be very clear about what I'm saying here -- he's not inside their Venn diagram: they're inside his. People, people in real life, don't just end up like that. "Cylon Girlfriend" is the same as any other backstory, and earns just as much pity and sympathy for the perp, but: pack your bags.

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