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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

Previously: Helo shot Boomer, Boomer found Kobol, Kobol inspired the Prez, the Prez talked to Starbuck, and Starbuck went to Caprica.

We open with a shot of the crashed Raptor on Kobol. It's apparently just seconds after they crashed, because no one moves for a second until Crashdown starts yelling at everyone to get out. Tyrol joins in the bellowing as they start herding everyone out through the smashed windshield. I want to give them all lozenges just listening to this. Tyrol and Crashdown carry Socinus, who appears to be unconscious. A burst of flame knocks Baltar back. He shouts for Crashdown and stares at the flames. Crashdown urges Baltar just to come on already. Baltar stares at Crashdown, and sees Six instead. She reaches toward him and says, "Take my hand," as the music gets all mystical. Baltar steps through the flames and walks up to Six. And then Crashdown starts slapping him and saying, "Wake up!" I wonder if Baltar's happy to get slapped around by someone he isn't hallucinating for a change. Crashdown leads Baltar away from the ship.

The survivors of the crash gather near some bushes as Crashdown and Baltar slide down the Raptor's nose and start to run. Crashdown shoves Baltar to the ground as the Raptor explodes. Not in a "blown to itty bitty pieces way," just in a "spewing a lot of flames and noise" way. After they recover from that, Tyrol says that he think both tanks went kaboom. Crashdown tells Cally to go retrieve the supplies from the ship before they burn up, and Baltar wanders over into a cozy spot in the bushes and collapses.

Credits. That was kind of a weird bit to use as the teaser. Although it did have an explosion. It sounds like it's a hangover from the fact that the first episode originally ended with the Raptor plummeting toward Kobol.

Caprica. Day 51. Helo looks at the Delphi Museum of the Colonies, which is an impressively vague name. He turns and snaps, "It's a museum. So what?" Heh. Boomer, whose arm is now in a sling, says it's also "the home of the Arrow of Apollo." Although it sounds more like she said, "the air fapollo." They should have considered calling it "Apollo's Arrow" instead, because that doesn't have all those "oh-uh-ah" sounds in a row. Anyway. Helo asks what the Air Fapollo is, and Boomer sighs, "You never liked history." She reminds him that the arrow is the only clue to Earth's location. Helo whas, "Who's going to Earth? It doesn't even exist. I'm trying to get back to Galactica." Heh. Okay, I finally figured out what it is I like about Helo's storyline: it's basically a black comedy. I think that's why nearly everything Helo says strikes me as terribly funny. Helo patiently explains that he just wants Boomer to help him to get off the planet and back to his ship. He adds, "If you don't do that, I'm gonna blow your head off." Boomer points out that he's only alive because of her, and tells him to shove his tough-guy attitude up his ass. That was his tough-guy attitude? Oh dear. She reminds us that it's dangerous to move during the day, so they'll have to hide out somewhere till someone brings the day-for-night filters over. Boomer moves off grumblingly, and Helo follows.

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