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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

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Sex, Drugs, And New Age Music

Previously: Starbuck got into a Cylon, Helo got into a Cylon, and...hey! Cheating! It seems that when Leoben was captured, he was carrying more of those mysterious Cylon devices that look as if they were designed by Apple. Which leads me to wonder if the whole show is a metaphor for the eternal Mac vs. PC debate. Anyway, so they collected more iSpies, and also, the Prez told Billy about her chamalla-induced visions. And then there was a scene we actually saw, where Leoben told Starbuck that the humans would find Kobol and Earth.

Apollo and Adama are boxing. Apollo seems to enjoy luring his dad in and then punching him in the stomach. He asks, "You all right?" as Adama walks it off. Adama looks kind of surprised, but also amused, and raises his gloved hands back up to continue.

Elsewhere, there are legs. Naked legs. And kissing. And someone with Apollo's hair, having sex with Starbuck.

Helo is still the running man, back on Caprica.

On the Galactica, Boomer's alone in her bunk room, contemplating the gun in her hand.

More boxing. Apollo punches Adama in the nose. Less amused this time, Adama responds with several blows to Apollo's head and gut. It's Adama's turn to ask, "You all right?"

Helo runs down some stairs, his gun at the ready. Boomer suddenly pops out of a doorway and makes a big show of holstering her gun. Helo warns her to stay back.

Galactica. Boomer loads her gun.

Caprica. Boomer tells Helo, "Just do it."

Galactica. Boomer fondles her gun. I hope at least one of them dies, because having to clarify which one I'm talking about in the recaps is a pain.

Starbuck and the guy with Apollo's hair are cruising along. As it were. Starbuck moans Apollo's name. Her partner suddenly raises himself up and looks at her, and he doesn't have Apollo's hair anymore. He has Baltar's hair, in fact. Because of his being Baltar. Surprise!

Slo-mo shot of Apollo's lips flapping around as Adama hits him again. Hee.

Galactica's Boomer puts the gun in her mouth.

Helo shoots the other Boomer. She rolls down some stairs in a satisfyingly floppy way. Ow.

Galactica's Boomer pulls the gun out of her mouth and starts sobbing.

Starbuck looks a little annoyed with herself. Baltar looks annoyed with her, too. He rolls off her, and she slithers out of the bed.

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