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Previously: Tigh didn't say a different version of the thing he didn't say last week, Cally shot Boomer, and Zarek schemed.

We open with a grand montage of continuation. On Kobol, the Prez is doing a terrible job of protecting her book of prophecies from the rain.

On Galactica, Adama, Gaeta, Tyrol, and Tigh are marking up a map of Kobol. There's a close-up of the Book of Pythia, which is either handwritten or printed to look like it is.

A page of the Prez's copy has apparently fallen out, so she carefully picks it up and tries to brush the mud off of it. Then she clutches it to her chest. She, and the rest of Team Prez, are wearing ponchos. Woman, slip the book underneath the poncho when you're not looking at it. Pressing it to your chest just turns it into a pulpy sponge that much faster. Sheesh.

Adama sighs, "She could be anywhere." Gaeta says that the Prez seems to rely on the Book of Pythia, and that, according to it, the Tomb of Athena should be in the mountains west of the City of the Gods.

Team Prez climbs a hill.

Tyrol says that, while on Kobol, they scouted out approaches to the mountains. Perhaps while looking for a nice spot for some burials.

Zarek is climbing a particularly steep incline when he slips in the mud and starts to slide downhill. Meier instantly grabs Zarek's hand and pulls him up. I think Meier's a little bit codependent.

Tigh wonders how the Prez expects to find the tomb with so few clues to go on. Adama says, "Well, maybe she's seen it in a vision." Everyone chuckles in appreciation of Adama's joke, until he says, "I'm serious." Oops. And hee. Tigh continues to look at Adama like this is just setup for some bigger joke. Adama explains, "She says she sees things. Images, prophecies, whatever." Off their skeptical glances, he adds, "The point is that she believes in them." Tyrol helpfully says that he can't imagine poking around on Kobol without a map or a guide. This statement seems to have almost no connection to what Adama just said, because it's really just transitioning us back to...

...Boomer marching up the hill with Helo. I can't believe they brought Helo along. I like Helo a lot, but it does make everyone seem kind of stupid. Helo is the only motive for Boomer to behave herself. The Prez knows that. Bringing him along makes it very easy for Boomer to run off with him, if she is leading them all into a trap. And normally they're very good about having characters see angles like that, so it's disappointing that they don't this time. Oh well. Boomer suggests that they should find somewhere to wait for the storm to end. That would have made more sense if it were just starting to rain now, but at this point they're already drenched.

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