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Chrome Is Where The Heart Is
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Previously: Starbuck gave Anders her heart, and he gave her an arrow. I can't wait Starbuck for when goes back to Caprica with a giant boom box. And supposedly Tigh said, "They're gonna follow Roslin to Kobol. They're dead." Except he didn't.

CIC. Adama stomps out and down the corridor, and the camera stays fixed on him while Tigh and Dualla trail behind and pedeconference. They remind us that a third of the fleet's population has split off to follow the Prez. As Adama marches along, he asks for a breakdown of what they've lost. Dualla starts to elaborate: "9,500 souls from Gemenon. 6,250 from Caprica." Adama cuts her off and says that he's not interested in "people who decide to join up with a religious fanatic and a terrorist." He wants to know about the ships, and Dualla dutifully reports: "Twelve transports, seven freighters, three construction platforms, a private cruiser, and a mining ship, Sir." Adama puts a hand on Tigh's shoulder to steady himself as they climb a few steps. I love that Tigh ignores it instead of being all, "Let me help you," Instead, Tigh chimes in, "Morale is down throughout the fleet. The press is going wild. Families are being split apart." Adama pulls his hand back and snaps, "Don't talk to me about family." Eep. On second thought, maybe Tigh would have better off if he'd been supportive.

We now join the Astral Queen, near Kobol, where the bickering is already in progress. Apollo is loudly insisting that he supports the Prez to a grumbling crowd. A woman who I think was part of the Quorum grumbles, "He's still Adama's son. When push comes to shove, how do we know he'll be willing to stand--" The Prez impatiently points out that Apollo's the one who got her out of the brig, and declares the subject closed. Another guy frets that theGalactica could jump in and arrest them all, or destroy their ships. Zarek bellows that they have some weapons of their own, and need to arm all the ships. Apollo harrumphs, "If Galactica wants to take us down, there is nothing we can do about it -- nothing." That last "nothing" kills me. And the weird emphasis on "down." Really, watch that bit a few times, and try not to giggle. That quiets everybody for a moment, and the Prez adds that she believes Adama is letting them go. She reminds everyone that Starbuck will turn up with the Arrow of Apollo any time now. One of the bickerers suggests that they could go look for the Tomb of Athena while they wait for Starbuck. Apollo points out that there may be Cylons on Kobol. Elosha adds, "And some of us will die down there." Everyone gets quiet again as Elosha says that, according to scripture, "any return to Kobol carries with it a cost in blood." Dun dun dunn! The Prez is like, "Way to bring the mood down, Elosha," and tries to cheer everyone up with some inspirational thoughts about saving humanity. Meanwhile, a smarmy chap named Meier strolls in and hurries over to talk to Zarek. Meier has a goatee, so he's clearly evil. Which is a shame, because I like goatees. The two of them head out while the Prez says that anyone who wants to is welcome to rejoin the main fleet.

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