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The Starcrossed

Previously: Leisure Suit Larry went boom, Leoben Conroy went on and on, and Helo went after Boomer.

The Prez strolls through the woods in a glowy white dress. Quick shot of soldiers running. The Prez sees Leoben standing across a field, waving his arms about and apparently shouting, but all we hear is a whispered "Cylon." He points, and she looks behind her and sees the approaching soldiers. She starts running, and Leoben suddenly grabs her and pulls her behind a tree, covering her mouth. The soldiers run past without seeing them. Leoben steps back, lowers his head, then raises it again. A wind starts to blow and the light changes, and suddenly Leoben is blown tumbling through the air. The Prez turns, and suddenly Leoben's next to her. He says, "Laura." I think he's sad about missing noir week on the Galactica.

The Prez wakes up in her own bed, gasping and sweaty. She goes to the bathroom and grabs a bottle of pills, examining the label twitchily. Billy knocks gently on the bulkhead and asks if she's okay. The Prez tries to pull herself together as she blames the chamalla's side effects. Billy says, "You have an urgent call from the captain of the Geminon Traveler." The Prez quaveringly asks if she can call him back. Billy explains, "He says he found a Cylon on board." The Prez stares into space, like, "Gods, I hate Mondays."

A bit later, the Prez is on speakerphone with Adama. She says, "They found him in the starboard storage compartment. Looks like he'd been camped there for days." Adama asks if they're sure it's a Cylon. The Prez explains that the Traveler's captain recognized him as another copy of the Leoben model. The Prez explains that the Cylon is currently locked in a guarded storeroom on the Traveler. She looks at a photo of Leoben and is hit with a tiny dreamvert. Apollo orders the CAP to escort the Traveler and keep away from the rest of the fleet. Adama tells the Prez that he'll send over a team to destroy the Cylon. I like that he says "destroy" and not "kill." She says, "I want this man interrogated first." Adama says that it's not a man, and that it can't be trusted. The Prez insists that she wants to hear what "this thing" has to say. They're really good about word choices. Adama insists, "It'll fill your head with double-talk and half-baked philosophy and confuse you." The Prez replies, "Then send someone who won't be easily confused." Where are they going to find someone like that? In space? At this hour? She gruffly makes it clear that this is an order. Adama out-gruffs her with a simple "Order understood."

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