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Another interview. This time it's mellow, after-hours Gaeta. Wow. His jacket's unbuttoned, and he's speculatively puffing on a cigarette. I have to say, I'm impressed by the way his entire bearing is different in this scene. Oh yes, and Gaeta's first name is Felix. Biers asks if the cigarette helps him cope with stress. Gaeta says, "Not really." Heh. He casually explains that all he ever wanted was to be an officer on a Battlestar. He says he trained harder than anyone, and put his life on hold until he got to the Galactica: "Then the Cylons hit. And I realized that this is all that I know. Tech manuals, commands, and tactics, you know?" He says that he's not unhappy, then shrugs and admits that he wonders if there's something more before breaking into "Is That All There Is?." Biers asks what Gaeta has learned. Huh? Gaeta admits, "I hate cigarettes," and puts his out. He goes on to say that "ambrosia's good with a chaser," and that if you have enough ambrosia you'll wind up getting a crap tattoo of a tiger. It's like a very short after-school special.

Biers pins a microphone onto Tigh's jacket and claims, "We'll make this as painless as possible." To prove her point, she immediately offers Tigh a drink, and pours a glass for herself as well. They take seats at a small table with their glasses. I like the way Tigh pauses to sniff his beverage delicately. Biers says that before they begin, she wants to know if it's true that Tigh's received death threats. The "before we begin" part is a trick, since we immediately see that Bell is already filming. Tigh doesn't seem to notice, though, and just chuckles, "This is a military vessel. We have rumors for every occasion." Biers asks if it was difficult to take command, but Tigh sticks to his talking points, saying, "I didn't take anything. Command fell to me, and I did my duty." Biers notes that Tigh took some "controversial actions." Oh, she also says that he was in command for over a week, for anyone working on a timeline. Tigh explains that what happened aboard the Gideon was the result of a military decision, and that he'd do the same thing again. Tigh clunks his empty glass onto the table defiantly, but Biers presses on, asking if he has any regrets. Tigh looks at the glasses on the table, and then at the camera. And then at Biers, who probably shouldn't have started smirking right then. Tigh flips his empty glass off the table and stands up, pulling his microphone off as he grouses, "You're trying to set me up." Biers asks why there wasn't an official investigation into what happened on the Gideon. Tigh heads for the door, but Biers jumps up and blocks him. For about half a second, because then Tigh shoves her aside and snaps, "Get out of my face!" Exit Tigh. Biers turns to Bell and asks, "Did you get that?" Bell gives her a thumbs-up. Biers observes, "Someone's a mean drunk." Like I said, the insights we're getting into the characters aren't all that insightful.

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