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Commercials. Aw, the guy playing Bell is an actual cameraman! So he was really shooting, and they intended to use that footage but it turned out that a lot of it was unusable since he kept catching the behind-the-scenes crew in his own shots. Heh.

Tigh is in his quarters, putting away his dress uniform. So he isn't going to the conference at all? Is someone else going? Because it sounded kind of important, but nobody mentions it again this week. And shouldn't someone be conducting an investigation into the sabotage? Shouldn't someone wonder if a Cylon is responsible? Why is this episode so dopey? So many questions. Ellen observes that someone wants to kill Tigh because of what happened aboard the Gideon, and adds that Biers is eager to do an interview with Tigh. He scoffs at that idea and pours himself a drink. Ellen tries to sow some paranoia, and claims that Adama and the Prez might sacrifice Tigh to regain the support of the fleet. She sighs, "This is so like you, Saul. Always the proud soldier. Taking the heat because it's honorable." She pets him soothingly and asks, "When are you gonna realize we're all alone out here?" Tigh gulps his drink and edges away.

We pan over the memorial corridor, papered with photos and notes. And littered with candles. Such a huge fire hazard. Racetrack lights yet another candle and exhales shakily.

It's Racetrack's turn in front of the octacam, and it turns out her name is Margaret Edmonson. Biers asks if she's frightened when she's in combat, and Racetrack says, "Yes. Duh." End of interview. No, actually, Racetrack says that they're instructed to assume they're already dead. She explains, "Dead men don't get scared or freeze up under fire. Me, I'm just worried that hell's gonna be a lonely place, and I'm gonna fill it up with every toaster son of a bitch I find." I see.

Cut to an interview with Helo. What an angular head he has. Helo echoes Racetrack's comments about turning off your emotions, adding, "But when you're out in the field, it's not that easy. Nothing's that easy."

Helo approaches Boomer's darkened cell. The camera pans around to reveal Boomer sweatily shivering in her bunk, while a guard tells Helo, "You've got five minutes." Helo raps on the barred window and picks up the phone. Boomer doesn't respond at first, but finally rolls over in the bunk to face him. Helo testily demands the guard's flashlight and shines it into the cell. Boomer pulls one hand out from under the blanket and stares at the blood on her fingers. She starts sobbing, and Helo shouts for the guard to call Dr. Cottle. Yay!

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