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Time for an interview with Scott Kelso, Private First Class. Kelso is apparently another one of the soldiers who was aboard the Gideon. He explains that they weren't trained for crowd control, and adds, "First order of business when under attack is defend yourself and your squad." We see Hammerhead pacing about in the background while Biers argues that the soldiers aboard the Gideon were dealing with civilians. Kelso shows Biers a long scar on the side of his head and huffs, "I have ten stitches that say we were under attack." He goes on to say that it was "a command frack-up." Kelso does a nice serial-killer glare into the camera and says, "I'm not surprised someone's trying to take out that drunk son of a bitch." Aw, Kelso's a red herring! That's adorable. Hammerhead rushes over saying, "Belay that," and ends the interview.

Via octacam, see Adama lead Biers into CIC. Inside, the crew glances awkwardly at the camera. Tigh tells Adama, "Fleet's quiet, no enemy contact for the last ten days." Then he turns and sees the octacam inches from his face and winces before adding, "No Cylon contact, anyway." Heh. Adama and Tigh take turns expositioning about how representatives from every ship are going to some big meeting on the Cloud Nine. Adama says that he's sending Tigh as the Galactica's delegate. Tigh, flustered, turns to the octacam again and asks, "Do you mind?" as he tries to wave it back. Biers reassures him, "No, go ahead." Hee! Adama explains, "You're going because you're not afraid, and people should see that. Plus, it'll also give people a chance to vent their feelings instead of seething in private." He adds that Tigh could use some R&R: "Take a swim. Get some sleep." Tigh grudgingly accepts that, and then Adama quietly adds, "And stay away from the bar." Tigh immediately turns to eye the octacam again.

Hangar deck. Tyrol tells Starbuck, "There are three, so you got lots." I assume he's talking about ships. It's funny no matter what he means, really. Tigh strolls past in his dress uniform, trailed by Biers and Bell. Starbuck snidely calls, "Have fun on Cloud Nine!" Tigh climbs into a Raptor, and they prepare to take off, and I'm a little bored. Smoke begins pouring out of the ship. I wait for Tyrol to run over and say, "Oh, that's where I left those tons of dry ice I was saving." The hatch reopens as crewmen rush over with fire extinguishers. Tigh pops out and asks what happened. Tyrol examines a panel on the ship and explains, "The main buss is totaled -- looks like somebody took a hammer to it." He looks at Tigh extra-seriously and adds, "If this had blown in transit, the cabin would have vented to space." Dun dun dun. This is just so cheesy.

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