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It's Apollo's turn for an interview. Biers snickers, "I hardly recognized you with your clothes on." Apollo chuckles, but says, "I'm sure you thought it was clever, busting into the pilots duty locker." She didn't exactly bust in, kiddo: the door was open. He goes on whining that the locker room is "the one place where my people can unwind and be themselves." Biers asks if the pilots deserve "special consideration." And now I have to ask Biers to back up. Has Biers been free to invade the privacy of civilians whenever she likes? If not, how is it special consideration? I'm just saying, if you run around naked in front of an open door, you can't be shocked if people look at you. But if you tell them to buzz off and shut the door, you're not demanding any special privilege. In conclusion: they're both crazy. Apollo explains that, just like everyone else, the pilots have lost family and friends: "On top of that, they're asked to put their lives on the line every single day for a fleet that seems more interested in what they do wrong than in what they do right." He claims that the pilots aren't asking for pity, but that they deserve respect. Fair enough. Except for the craziness.

Hangar deck. Kat waits impatiently while Tyrol looks over her Viper. We see Bell filming in the background while Kat frets and checks her watch. Tyrol claims, "Something doesn't feel right," and pokes around some more before prodding at a hose, which promptly sprays fluid all over. Tyrol grumps, "How the hell did I miss that?" Not being mechanically inclined, I'm thinking that everything seemed to be fine until he yanked that hose out. As Bell wanders over, Kat growls, "Maybe if your knuckledraggers spent more time on maintenance, [and] less time fracking around...?" We go to octacam as Tyrol snaps that he just saved Kat's ass. They shout at each other until Starbuck hurries over and tells them both to knock it off. Kat goes on needling Tyrol until Starbuck orders her off the deck. On her way out, Kat angrily kicks over a toolbox. Tyrol gets to work on the Viper as Starbuck confers with Apollo. They both try to keep their backs to the octacam as Starbuck says that she's taking Kat off rotation until she calms down. Apollo says that they can't spare Kat, and adds, "If I scratched everyone who popped off at the chief, the cooks would be flying the missions." Aw, poor Tyrol! They ponder, and then Starbuck spins around and asks the camera, "Didja get all that? You happy?" We see Biers calmly holding a microphone out toward them, and Apollo tugs Starbuck off the deck.

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