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Cut to Biers asking, "How did your family respond?" Octacam reveals that Dualla is being interviewed in front of a nice blue curtain that I guess they brought along as a backdrop. A caption appears identifying her as "Anastasia Dualla, Petty Officer 2nd Class, CFR." Dualla says that her father thought the military was a refuge for "emotional cripples and patriotic fools." Apparently, her dad was good friends with the Adama family. She explains that she joined because she wanted to believe in something. Biers looks perplexed.

In a corridor, where Biers is getting technical advice from Dualla. Baltar strolls past, watching curiously. He mutters, "What the hell's going on?" Six appears, in a black version of her usual red dress, and Baltar whines that the reporter really ought to want to talk to him. Six soothes, "Your title alone commands respect." Hee. I feel like there's an implied dig there -- that his title is the only thing about him that commands respect. Baltar goes on whining and declares that he's not going to beg. He is, however, going to stroll back and stand around until someone notices him. Biers looks at him, and Baltar waits smugly. Biers returns to her conversation, and Six tells Baltar that he may have to beg. She insists, "You'll do whatever is necessary to protect our child. Politics may not be your strong suit, but it serves us in the moment." She straightens his collar and gives him a hug as she coos, "Trust me. This one can help us." Six vanishes as Biers finally gives in to the lure and introduces herself as part of "Fleet News Service." Baltar feigns befuddlement, and I am impressed by the way James Callis can distinguish Baltar's being genuinely befuddled from Baltar unconvincingly pretending to be befuddled. Once prompted, Baltar admits that he may have heard something about a reporter visiting the ship, and guesses that she's very busy doing interviews. Biers admits that she'd love to interview him if he has a few minutes. Baltar plays hard to get, and blusters that he's "snowed under" and couldn't possibly spare the time. He suggests that if she checks with his aides, he just might be able to free up a few minutes for her tomorrow. His aides? I wonder if he has actual aides in the lab, or an honorary VP staff. Or maybe he just means Gaeta. Dualla and Bell watch this conversation with expressions that suggest a tour of the vegetable bins is sounding better every second. A rather bemused Biers agrees to get in touch, and Baltar chirps, "Carry on," and exits. Biers turns back toward Dualla and says, "What a strange little man." Dualla nods. Heh.

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