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Galactica. Dualla leads Biers and the cameraman down a corridor, pointing out boring things like an oxygen recirc unit. We do at least learn that the cameraman's name is Bell, and he even gets a line.

Locker room. Starbuck pulls on a shirt as she gripes about working fifteen-hour rotations. Apollo is toweling himself off as he explains, "We're gonna be short on pilots till the rest of the fleet pulls the stick out of its collective fat ass." Starbuck sputters with laughter, and I think, "Wow, she is easily amused." Then, as she pulls on her second layer of shirts, she giggles, "More fallout from Tigh's moment of glory?" Oh, she was laughing about Tigh. That makes so much more sense. Apollo confirms that Starbuck heard about the threat against Tigh. She gets her faux-bad-ass on: "I just can't believe that I haven't been called in for questioning yet." Disappointingly, she doesn't put on yet another shirt as she says this. I was hoping that she'd be wearing a dozen layers by the end of the scene. Apollo reassures her that she was the prime suspect, but explains, "I told Tigh that you wouldn't know Caprican poetry if it was hot-soldered across your helmet." He snickers and walks away, still toweling, and Starbuck recites, "From the darkness you must fall, failed and weak, to darkness all." This is apparently an old poem by Kataris. Apollo looks impressed, but if it's common knowledge that Tigh was threatened using this very line of poetry, wouldn't people be talking about it and quoting it everywhere? Ah well. Starbuck asks, "Can I be a suspect yet? Please?" and Apollo giggles.

Dualla leads Biers and Bell toward the galley and tries to make their vegetable bins sound interesting. I'd have liked this more if I was sure that Dualla were deliberately being as dull as possible. Like, if we saw Adama telling her, "Show them everything. I promised them total access, after all. Start with the head." Luckily for us all, Hotdog suddenly rushes past them, chased by Kat. They're both wearing towels, and laughing and scurrying around, and it's just like being in the freshman dorm in college. Biers and Bell abandon Dualla, and follow the scampering pilots into the locker room.

Octacam shows Hotdog and Kat running into the locker room as Apollo sniffs, "Here come Tweedledum and Tweedledee." Does this mean that Lewis Carroll was a Cylon? Octacam pans over to reveal Hammerhead in an upper bunk, watching the action in a surly way. Plot point! We hear him snarl, "Keep it down," and Apollo begins wishing that, at some point in his life, he'd learned how to fasten a towel around his waist. The pilots spot the reporters, and Kat races over and mugs for the camera. She does the obligatory "Hi, Mom," and then says, "This is for my buddies on freighter 212." And then she moons the camera. Except I don't think she does, really, since she's got a bath sheet wrapped around her. Apollo roars, "Kat!" and marches over, still struggling with his own towel. I think he's just bitter because Kat's towel is bigger. We go back to octacam as Kat stammers that she was saying hi to some of her buddies. Apollo asks if she was "literally talking out of [her] ass." The correct answer is no. He tells her to go get dressed, and Kat exits, pulling another face for the camera. Apollo chases Hotdog out as well, and then finally turns back to Biers and guesses that she's the reporter. Bright lad. Biers snickers, "You didn't have to dress for me," and introduces herself. Apollo starts to shake hands, and nearly drops his towel. Is it really that difficult to fasten a towel? And yeah, he's very impressively muscly and it does nothing for me, which is a shame, I guess. Anyway, he introduces himself: "Captain Lee Adama, commander of the air group. That's pronounced, 'CAG.' And I suggest you find yourselves an exit as soon as possible. And that's pronounced, 'asap.'" Biers rolls her eyes a little and then tells Bell that they've seen all they need to see. Bell seems inclined to see a little more, but he dutifully follows Biers out. Once they're gone, Apollo prepares to prance around naked some more and gripes, "Whose brilliant idea was that?" Huh? Also, maybe you should consider shutting the door if you don't like people tromping in all the time. Somehow this reminds me of the time my friend Niels, who has a gift for oxymorons, described a roommate as a "closet exhibitionist."

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