Battlestar Galactica
Final Cut

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Biers finally winds things up by declaring that thanks to Galactica, the fleet has survived. The camera pulls back, and we see a few people watching the show on a big screen in a movie theater. The show ends, and now we see that the audience is our neighborhood gang of Cylons. A caption reads, "Cylon-occupied Caprica." Doral says, "That was shown across their entire fleet." Six admires the humans' resilience, and then Boomer asks someone to play the cut footage. We see the shaky footage of Biers busting in on Boomer in sickbay. Six looks amazed, and Doral looks bored. Boomer chirps, "I'm still alive. She's still alive!" She turns to Doral and sneers, "I told you." Heh. That explains Doral's sulkiness. Six asks, "And the baby?" From off-screen, a woman answers that the baby was saved. She adds, "We lost two Raiders relaying the images back to the fleet, but I think the sacrifice was worth it." Doral says that they must protect the baby at all costs. The camera pulls back to finally reveal that the woman they were talking to was Biers. She agrees with Doral and sighs, "It truly is a miracle from God."

Next time: the power's flickering, and Boomer says they're all doomed. She must be from California.

Production card: Eick starts to say something when the phone rings. Moore answers, and then Eick grabs the phone, jams it into Moore's ear and asks, "Can you hear me now?"

And with that, I must reluctantly take my leave. Real life has gotten a bit intrusive lately. Plus I've suddenly developed a strange desire to understand cricket, and that's clearly going to require some concentrated time. Jacob is very graciously taking over for me, because he's used to dealing with the evil human simulacra who walk among us, so please give him a warm welcome. But no slow-claps, for heaven's sake.

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