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Hangar deck. Apollo is checking over his ship as Bell asks, "How'd it go out there?" Apollo ponderously says, "Well, we didn't lose anyone. That's a good day." Hush, muppet-face.

Oh, jeez, back to the subplot. Although at least there is a plot in it. Tigh walks down the corridor and enters his quarters. Ellen is wearing a nice little pink outfit. She's also bound and gagged with duct tape. Tigh boggles briefly, and then he's clubbed on the head. I think the most disturbing aspect of this show are the occasional Angel flashbacks it inspires. Not least because I've already made the easy jokes for this. Plus, having Tigh in Wesley's role is disturbing for many reasons.

Commercials. For me personally, the best thing about the podcast is that at one point, Moore briefly confuses Kat with Racetrack. That makes me feel so much better.

Well, what with that cliffhanger before the commercials, naturally we return to...octacam footage of Kat scampering around from the first act. Le sigh. Biers and Bell are reviewing the footage, and Biers says, "I'm not sure I've found a story in all this yet." Honey, I know you haven't. On the monitor, the camera pans over to Hammerhead in his bunk, and -- what's this? Zounds! Hotdog was wearing underwear beneath his towel! Cheater. Oh, and also, Hammerhead has a book with a bright red cover next to him in the bunk. Biers points at it and gasps, "I know that book. That's by Kataris."

Tigh's quarters. Tigh groans on the floor, and looks around at Ellen. Then he looks up at Hammerhead, who's standing above him with a gun. I hope he learned something from the locker-room incident, and at least shut the door. Hammerhead, looking weirdly Xander-like, as if I wasn't confused enough, asks if Tigh needs a drink. He upends a bottle and pours the contents onto Tigh, Tigh recoils like it's acid, although maybe he's just horrified by the way good booze is going to waste. Hammerhead drops the bottle onto Tigh's belly, and Tigh grunts, "You can go to hell." Hammerhead psychos, "I've been there. It's called Gideon." He monologues, "Those weren't Cylons we tagged; those were real people who looked like my dad, who looked like my little brother." Tigh slowly gets to his feet and says that this won't change anything. Hammerhead raises his gun and says that there'll be justice. Ellen squeals in muffled protest from the floor. Tigh tells Hammerhead to go ahead: "Somebody has to pay for what happened on that ship. I was in command, I sent you there. It's my fault." Hammerhead goes bug-eyed at that, and Tigh leans in so that the gun is pressed tightly against his forehead. Tigh urges, "Come on, son. Do it." Hammerhead scrunches up his face, and after a moment, Tigh reaches up and pulls the gun away. And then, in all the excitement, he twitches his finger and accidentally blows Ellen's head off. Nah, just kidding. Instead, Tigh explains that what happened on the Gideon was an accident. He holds the gun up and says, "This is a choice."

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