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Commercials. In the podcast, Moore talks about how, before the Cylon attack, Apollo was planning to leave the service and open a bar. I can see that. He'd be that bartender who you can tell all your secret troubles to, because he's just going to relate it all to his own problems anyway and forget what you've said five minutes later.

It's time for Baltar's interview. He burbles about how well Biers is doing under these difficult circumstances, and mentions that she may have antagonized a few people along the way. He concludes, "As a member of the civilian government, I am here to assure you that I have no such reservations." Biers busily helps Bell set up the equipment and politely observes that she's just doing her job. Baltar burbles some more, until Six mercifully intervenes. She says, "Cut to the chase, Gaius. Tell her why you deserve to lead this fleet." Baltar segues into his experiences on Kobol, where he learned that "the stress of survival revealed...leadership qualities that previously I didn't even know that I possessed." ! ! That's a nice way of putting it. Biers drily notes that there were several casualties on Kobol. Baltar's face freezes for a second and he hoarsely admits, "Yes, that was very unfortunate." After a beat, he declares that he's ready to start shooting. And then alarms go off. Baltar quickly insists that it's probably a false alarm, triggered having too many people with B-names in one room. Biers bustles about and tells Bell to head for the hangar deck while she goes to CIC. Baltar urges them to stay, insisting, "You're safer here, really!" Biers and Bell rush out. Baltar sits alone, staring at the empty tripod, and sighs, "That's showbiz."

Crewmen rush around, the way they do, as the alarms continue. Starbuck and Apollo meet up in an intersection, and Apollo breathlessly exclaims, "Two Raiders closing fast," as they hurry to their ships. Bell follows them.

Biers runs into CIC. Gaeta tells Adama that the Raiders are "on CBDR with Galactica." Biers gets a translation from Dualla: "Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range -- a collision course." Man, even when everyone's in the same room, Dualla still has to dualla. Tigh cues up some exposition that the CAP is at the other end of the fleet. If they can't get across the fleet in the time it takes two Raiders to get from long-range to the Galactica, I think they need to seriously reconsider how far they're letting the fleet spread out. I'm becoming seriously attached to my WKRP interpretation here. Adama orders the alert fighters scrambled, and tells the fleet to get ready to jump FTL "just in case." Just in case of what? Is there any reason not to jump? I don't understand.

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