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Octacam interview. Kat gibbers happily that coming back from a successful run is better than sex.

In her Viper, Kat's in full freak-out. The Viper soars into the landing bay and crunches down heavily onto the deck, bouncing and skidding as Kat is tossed around inside. Sirens go off as Starbuck announces, "She missed the trap," and hurries out. Kelly calls for medics and damage control Bell and Biers hurry out after Starbuck. The Viper continues sliding along the deck with a metallic screech.

Octacam of Starbuck running down to the deck as Apollo rushes in from the other direction and asks what happened. By the time they reach the deck, medics are trying to haul Kat out onto a gurney. Kat is screaming for them to let her go. Hey! Starbuck's wearing shorts. She hurries to Kat and tries to reassure her that she's back home now. Kat yells, "Home is dead! We gotta get outta here! They're gonna kill us!" While Kat flails about, Starbuck reaches into Kat's sleeve pocket and pulls out a bottle of pills. "Stims?" she asks, and hands them to Apollo. Kat tries to grab her pills while the octacam pans over to show the deck crew staring at the scene. Apollo and Starbuck eventually team up to restrain a sobbing Kat and hoist her onto the gurney. They strap her down, and the medics roll her off to sickbay. Starbuck holds one hand up to block the octacam as Apollo observes, "By the look of her, she's been taking them by the handful."

Cut an octacam view of Kat being trundled down the corridor. It appears that Biers has followed Kat while Bell stayed on the landing deck. They enter sickbay just as Boomer shrieks, "Don't you dare touch me!" As Kat's gurney passes a curtained area, a nurse parts the curtains and Biers spins around with her camera. Within, Cottle grabs Boomer by the shoulders and shouts back, "I am trying to save your baby!" He tells a nurse to hold Boomer, and then someone covers the octacam and growls that this is a restricted area. Well, maybe you should go for higher security than some curtains, dude.

Some time later, Adama enters sickbay. Someone says, "Commander, she's over here." Adama steps into another top secret curtained zone, where Biers is reclining on a bed. Not like that. Upon seeing Adama, she sits up and gasps, "That woman looks just like the late Lieutenant Valerii." The thing I like is that she says that as if maybe he'll say, "Really? I guess there is a resemblance, now that you mention it." But Adama isn't in the mood to chat; he just wants the tape. Biers asks why they're harboring a Cylon. Adama repeats, "The tape." Biers asks if the baby survived, and opens her camera. Adama picks up the camera and asks, "Do you understand that even a hint of this could be devastating to the morale in the fleet?" Biers says, "You're the master of understatement." Heh. She adds that if word of this got out, it could turn the fleet against him. Adama stares at her levelly and says that the real question is whether that matters to Biers. Biers huffs that she's tired of having her loyalty questioned. She says, "We all want this fleet to survive." Adama just stares some more, and Biers finally looks away with a rueful snicker. Adama takes the tape out, returns the camera, gives Biers a quick glare, and exits. Biers leans back on the bed and, after a minute, pulls another tape out of her shirt. Gasp!

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