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(The heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.)

Karl and Kara stare at each other across the Demetrius bridge, contemplating mutiny, thinking about Cain. Kara heads toward the jump controls, ready to spin it up herself. Athena and Felix grab her, and Anders steps forward; Helo calls as ever for peace. "What the hell are you doing, Karl?" asks Sam, still confused about how anybody can take the one star we sail by, and toss her in the brig. Seelix takes Kara's gun, trains both of them on her. In a mutiny, in civil war, we turn our guns on ourselves and our people. Our people.

"Order the Marine guards to the control room, tell them I'm placing Captain Thrace under arrest." Kara swears on the Gods that he's wrong, that it's slipping away, that he's counting down against her revelation. "Either way, we're taking Leoben and his proposal back to the Fleet. We'll let the Admiral sort it out." But Kara knows that will be too late. "And you'll be going back to Galactica as mutineers," spits Sam. "How do you think the Admiral's gonna sort through that?" Helo acknowledges that this will be Adama's call, and tells Felix to spin up for the jump to the Fleet. Sam laughs bitterly; Seelix suggests they just airlock Kara's Cylon ass. Kara struggles, explaining one more time that she's not a Cylon. What she is, nobody knows. How could they? Artemis struggles in the arms of Athena, and the guns pointed at her? They belong to her, and to Diana Seelix. We turn our guns upon ourselves. And every second, the dream dies a little more.

Deadlocked into conflict, neither side giving: neither faith nor duty willing to concede. What do you do when you can't get out? Sam trains his guns on Felix, shouting again and again to abort the jump; when it's spooled up to a hundred, he fires, and Felix goes down.

"You want to know who's in charge? You want to know who's in command? You frakkin' want to know? It's Captain Thrace, Gods damn it! Now you let her go!" Kara screams at him to back down, and Karl begs, but he will not. Everything is moving too fast. Felix's leg is an open wound, broken splintered bone and blood. Seelix drops to her knees beside him, but it's Kara that tends his wounds. She sets the bone, feels it cracking in her hands. Not because she wishes harm: Sometimes when something is broken, you have to hurt them more before they heal.

"This is gonna hurt." She pours on coag powder and he screams, unceasing, cursing her. First the bone, and then the blood, and then sleep: She injects him with morpha and he goes out, as Sam struggles and shakes in the corner. Kara and Karl get him shuffled to a bunk, and she calls out, worried, as he goes: "Be careful!"

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