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Previously: God told every single person on the show that baby Hera was alive, but forgot to mention to anybody that Gaeta was obviously the administration mole; Ellen Tigh was a saboteuse, and Adama was a captain of futility. Now: Dualla and Lee are getting things ready on Pegasus for the search for Earth. Map coordinates with Hoshi, questions and concerns with the Civilian Fleet, et cetera. The thing that Lee can't seem to get together? His lack of concern for his dad's latest suicide mission. "I know," says Dualla. "But we have to push forward. Keep the Fleet together. Find Earth." They agree that this is their duty, and Dualla points out that the Admiral has pulled off miracles aplenty in the past. Lee is so mesmerized by his wife's feel-good mantras that he randomly assents that he has not given up hope, and Dualla zeroes in for the kill: "Yes, you have. I saw the look on your face when you came back from the Galactica. Like you were never gonna see him again." Oh, that look. Between the fact that Lee Adama whines his way through all his waking hours anyway -- not to mention the bizarre obesity prosthetic -- I thought it was just noodles repeating on him. Lee reminds us of the stakes and the breaks: "He's taking on too much for one half-strength Battlestar to handle. And that's not opinion, that's military fact. He's not coming back from this. None of them are." Dualla admits that, and says they should just totally ignore the deaths of the crew of the Galactica that have not yet happened, and focus on moving the Fleet to safety, like Lee was saying last week before those noodles started in on him. Well, the goodbye last week was pretty heartbreaking so maybe that is what's doing it. The other thing is that this is the only Dualla I like, no matter how repetitive it actually gets: "You can do this. You can get us there. You are Commander of this Fleet, and you will guide us to safety. And you will do it no matter the cost. Because you're an Adama." She's the voice that brings them home, still. Lee, feeling like a man again, tells her he is proud to serve with her, and also to be married to her, and then gets back to business.

Down in the insurgent bunker, Anders is having his fifteenth nervous breakdown, and as usual, he's got a good reason. Specifically, three insurgents dead -- "and if that Marine Sergeant wasn't on her game, they'd have killed us all" -- thanks to Lady MacTigh. Saul Tigh is so not feeling this, but he knows Anders is right. Anders is not taking Shut Up for an answer, though: "You 'get this': If Sharon had been killed, not only would we not get the launch keys, but the Cylons would know that we were in direct contact with Galactica. Now this whole plan, the fate of this whole city, would have fallen apart. Get it?" Tigh's like, "Get it? I invented it." But they already had the whippersnapper conversation a couple weeks ago, and Anders defeated him with the one-two punch of A) You guys left me for a year on an irradiated planet full of rape farms, and B) Now my wife has been abducted and/or killed. So I think Anders is actually trying to do the right thing here, and maybe putting on a fair amount of bluster in order to make the point. Meaning I don't think he's as wild nuts as this scene might make him seem. We've seen Tigh do it and we've seen Kara do it too, yell louder than they mean to so other people will shift their asses, and the three of them are like the same guy at various points in life. A Portrait Of Drunk Jenny. But what's he being so hardcore about? What's the point? "If you don't want to do it, I understand. But believe me, Colonel, someone is gonna do this. Now, it would be better for her sake if it was you." And there's Ellen, standing in the back of the shot, as Anders takes off. Credits. Damn.

Ellen sits next to her husband, distraught but calmer now. "I had to do it, Saul. I had to. It was all for you. And I want you to know that I would've done anything to save you." He assures her that he knows this, and that everything's going to be all right. There is more love in his one eyeball than in most people's whole bodies. Ellen comes clean about all of it: boning Cavil to get Tigh out of detention, the whole bit. She is very very intense and very sympathetic the whole time. She curls up against him, protesting that she didn't want anybody to die as a result of her actions, and then she looks him dead in the eye. "I could use the drink." She takes a cup from his hands with a sad smile, and looks into his eyes with a stunning amount of love and grace as she takes a drink. "You've always been there for me when I needed you," she mumbles. "Oh, I'm exhausted. I feel like I could just curl up here." She falls into his shoulder and he puts his arm around her. "Should've listened to you, Saul," she laughs. "Should've stayed on Galactica." He tells her not to worry about any of that now, and just to try and sleep. She murmurs that she is indeed tired, and her eyes close. The cup drops to the floor. And Tigh begins to sob. "I love you, Ellen. Do you hear me?" And Saul Tigh lays her body softly down on the bunker bench, and weeps.

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