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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood
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Previously, Roslin fully scoffed when Gaius begged for legal representation and due process, but then she kicked off her shoes and took the Admiral's bed for a spin before realizing she totally actually has to give him a lawyer and a trial. Chief Tyrol told somebody that his family was Geminon priesthood, and that he's been serving on "the Battlestar" since he was eighteen. Which goes a whole other place in this episode. Then on New Caprica, he became the president of the union, and gave a speech from Earth history, and there was a strike we never saw. He was totally awesome. Then a while back, Cally got after him about how he still wants to be like they were "before" they were on New Caprica, but I disagreed with her logic: I think he wants everything to be like it was on NC, with I guess the exception of being in a concentration camp run by robots. This is the best previously in a while, because the poundy drums go insane at the exact second that he goes, "What if rough patches are all we have left?"

Now, in the hangar bay, we've got some visual stuff going on that is beautiful and kind of on the nose. The episode is called "Dirty Hands," so get ready for some hands. Chief orders the usual orders while a thousand sets of hands do machinery things. Also, crazy music plays. I just this week finished my essay for a book about Firefly/Serenity, so the music kind of reminded me of that. It's like if you...oh, shit. I was going to say, "it's like if you took the music from 'Pegasus' and turned it sideways,' but that's not really a funny joke this week, and it occurs to me that that is the entire point for this weird music. This episode really got to me; I don't know if it's because I haven't slept in two weeks or what, but I was crying like the entire time. I think there are lots of reasons. Here's one more:

"I only knew Admiral Cain for a short time, so what I have to say about her will be short. She faced things. She looked them right in the eye and she didn't flinch. That's something that we do a lot around here. We second-guess. We worry. When I think about what she went through after the attack -- all alone, one ship, no help, no hope -- she didn't give up. She didn't worry. She didn't second-guess. She acted. She did what she thought needed to be done, and the Pegasus survived. Might be hard to admit, or hard to hear, but I think that we were safer with her than we are without."

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