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The Truth About Reconciliation
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Previously, Leoben said Kara was gonna K-I-S-S him, and be in love with him, and she said no way, but then: kinda. And then they took her baby away, because it wasn't really her baby, which explains why the Gods were so quiet on the subject of her. Gaeta was the administration mole for the Resistance, which even a dull child should have been able to put together, but Chief had a lobotomy I think during our year in Baltar's hair. Chief's lobotomy explains everything, come to think of it. Also previously, Baltar signed off on the execution of 200 detainees that had been taken from their homes in the middle of the night by the SS. This was so bad that even he had to admit he'd fucked up, but what's interesting is that he still thinks it's the only bad thing he ever did. One of those marked for death was Cally, Chief's wife (lobotomy!), so the entire population of New Caprica mobilized on her behalf and, as an added but negligible bonus, saved Laura Roslin and Tom Zarek into the bargain. One of mobilized citizens who participated in the daring rescue of Cally was Jammer, who was in the SS, but not in a bad way. Just because he was stupid. Then Anders and Tigh were agreed that Tigh should poison his wife, and it was very sad, but she tacitly agreed too. Then Lee and his dad saved everybody from New Caprica -- only it is going to turn out that that is not true -- except for Baltar, who ran off with Cylons after literally handing Hera over to Three.

Now: a group of six shadowy enforcers shove a prisoner into a Viper launch bay, with a bag over his head. So it's going to be a knee-slapper, I take it. ("Mom! Hilarious Battlestar again?!") Oh, look, it's Jammer, Crewman James Lyman. On his knees, choking on his own spit and crying. This is the Circle: From Galactica, Saul Tigh, Chief Galen Tyrol (lobotomy!), and Deck Specialist Seelix; from the Original Caprica Resistance, fighters Samuel Anders, Charlie Connor, and Jean Barclay. Six people from the ground; six people who've been running just like everyone, but now also caged. "Evidence for the following charges have been presented to the Circle," says Seelix, the Circle's voice. "You carried arms for the enemy as you carried out multiple raids against the human population, and that during one raid, 23 people were killed by you and your men during the assault on the temple of Artemis." Jammer screams that it's not true (it was the temple massacre that indirectly drove him to the SS in the first place) but they're not listening. "These are the names of the people killed by you and those under your command," Connor says, forcing his head up. "You look at those names!" Seelix chills Connor out with a word, and continues: "The Circle has examined the evidence and found you guilty of treason and crimes against humanity. Do you have anything to say before sentence is passed?" Jammer -- beautiful and confused and childlike as ever -- protests that he was just trying to help people. "You didn't do a very good job, then, did you?" grits out Tigh, and Anders just wants to get it over with. Get what over with? The murder. The murder they're about to commit.

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