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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales
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This is a good one, worth looking at. And not just because it's like a weird sci-fi retelling of Howards End, with the poor and the rich and the intellectual bourgeoisie robots in a three-way war, but most especially since it's the last chapter in an act, and that's always fun and a little queasy, watching all the pieces get moved around. This show, and Season Four particularly, have always been pretty amazing that way, not that we could ever see the patterns at the time: How the Demetrius took us all the way through Act I, and Laura jumped at the end of that: twenty-one hours, chopped into seven-episode chunks, laid end-to-end from here to Earth, starting with stories about faith and how far it takes you. Really, really simple when you come down to it. (What's funny is S3, where "Rapture" is the obvious midpoint, and "Hero" and "The Woman King" are the act breaks. Which Act wants them? Neither!)

This, Act II, is pretty beautiful in its simplicity: the simultaneous two-parter about what happened next on Galactica and the Basestar, and then three stories about Frak Earth: the way the enemies came together to find their fondest hope, and had it taken away from them, and went catatonic. And then here, now, another two-parter on the other side of that, about the mutiny. Seven hours of story about the ending of this show, and the way it undoes itself: How we measure loss. Having the season chopped in half always throws it off, but you can reconstruct it. So most exciting, then, now that the Final Cylon has been revealed and Earth can frak itself, is what we know about those last ever seven hours, Act III: three of them are the finale, and then there's the midpoint of the act, and then there's the three that start next week.

I mean, God. Kara's entire giant mess, the Opera House, the Deal With Hera, Caprica actually doing something for once, my Boomer finally coming back to life, Laura turning into whatever she's going to turn into, the immaculately white Einsteinian self-sacrificing whorl of timespace that I hope starts the cycle again, Galactica tearing apart, Ellen Tigh with all the facts and voting YES. Maybe Act III is just entirely those Jacob-type things, maybe we'll have an episode that's just the Hybrid talking for 44 minutes like that one episode of Mad About You, and a really depressing finale (on my birthday, mind) and they'll find me just having sublimed right out of my brain, drooling on the hardwood, after seven ninety-page recaps in a row. But besides that shit, the best-for-last shit I personally love most, is this: if Earth was the Little Bad, what's the Big Bad going to be? I say Time. I don't think we ever have enough time. I do know, now that Gaeta has boned a dude and Caprica's knocked up with Saul's baby, my own personal prophecies have all come true, which puts me way ahead of Pythia, and since it's all filmed at this point I figured I'd shoot the moon. We'll see.

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