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Props to Glark, because it's about time I got to do a post-apocalyptic show.

Previously, the Cylons looked in a mirror and said, "The hell?" So they tried to wipe out the people who'd made them look so goofy, and redesigned themselves as totally hot babes. And rather less hot dudes. Full disclosure: I remember very little of the original show. I think, even in my geeky family, it was not a particular favorite. I mean, I remember my brother's Space: 1999 toys, but almost nothing of Battlestar Galactica. So I'm cool with all the changes, but I confess that I am kind of bummed that the intro doesn't mention the Toltecs. Because "Toltecs" is a fun word to say.

Reveille on the Galactica. Tigh has a wake-up shot of whiskey. Save some for when you're recapping! Oh, wait, that's me.

Tigh arrives in the briefing room, where Tyrol reports on the water they discovered in the last episode. The ocean is actually salt water, but the moon is cold enough that there's plenty of ice they can use. Tigh is jolly and digressing all over the place and...well, tipsy, as he says there are water riots among the civilians. That seems like something we should be hearing more about. Or, just possibly, seeing. Tyrol and Cally trade a few near-eyerolls at Tigh's babbling, and Cally stifles a giggle. Eventually, Tigh winds his way back to the point, and Tyrol shares his cunning plan for the melting the ice and transporting it to the ship. Among the elements: one thousand men. Tigh asks, "Where are they gonna come from?"

Cut to the Prez, saying, "Slave labor?" Adama explains that the work is hard, and dangerous, and not for civilians. And so the guys on the prison ship are a natural choice. Er, yeah, that's a little shaky, ethically speaking. Apollo chimes in that the prisoners might like to get out of their cells for a while. The Prez says that if the men volunteer, cool, but adds, "These men are not slaves, and I will not have them treated as such." Apollo suggests offering "points toward earning freedom" as an incentive. Wow, he's a born bureaucrat. Why not just offer them better accommodations, or go with a vague "It'll be noted favorably." I mean, points? Can they turn in gum wrappers, too? Oh well. Adama's wary of releasing the prisoners at all, but Apollo says they were on their way to parole hearings, which suggests that they might be ready for release anyway. Remember that: I'll complain about it later. Adama makes a noise that captioning describes as "[scoffs]." I'd say it was more "[snorts]," myself. The Prez approves Apollo's plan, and asks Billy to help screen out the "hardened criminals." Yeah, Billy's the guy for that job. Adama wants someone from the Galactica along to review security. Billy suggests Dualla, and they don't actually start shouting "Billy likes Dualla!" but I bet they want to. Adama approves of Dualla, but adds that he'd also like someone from the ground crew to make sure the prisoners can operate the equipment they'll be using. That settled, the Prez starts to leave, but Billy prompts her, "The doctor?" The Prez sighs, and asks if there's a doctor aboard, claiming to have allergies. Adama says he'll send the doctor her way, and does not add, "You're on a spaceship. What is there to be allergic to?" He's polite.

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