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The Cylons have a plan. But do they have a whiteboard?

Previously, Apollo learned that his brother's death was Starbuck's fault, and that the Prez had cancer. Then he requisitioned some antidepressants.

We open with Starbuck's Viper falling toward a planet. Starbuck's a little tense about it. I like framing devices. But it should be clear that they are framing devices. I spent half of the show figuring that these bits were flashbacks to the accident that killed Zak or something. So it failed completely as a device to create tension, since I assumed it was something that took place before the events of the episode. And the rest of the episode isn't just Starbuck's flashback, since we see thing she doesn't know about. But there are lots of other flashbacks in it, and it seems like a fair number of viewers were confused at one point or another. To be fair, I think "33" set the bar so high that I keep forgetting they're still feeling their way, to an extent.

The Galactica's locker room. Apollo tosses a helmet onto a table as Starbuck giggles at how unprepared he is. Apollo cheerfully tells her to shut up.

Flight deck. Flat-Top hops out of a Raptor, and some other pilots rush over to congratulate him on his thousandth flight. They drape a sash of some kind around him as a band from a Renaissance Festival plays a cheery little ditty. The pilots haul Flat-Top up and parade around the deck with him on their shoulders.

Apollo hurries into the locker room with a can of red paint. Starbuck inquires about a brush. Apollo blinks, then opens the can and swirls the paint with his finger.

Flight deck. Tyrol sees the celebration and gasps, "It's Flat-Top's thousandth landing and nobody tells me? Now we look like idiots!" He snaps at a deck hand to find a wagon.

Adama enters the locker room as Apollo and Starbuck are painting "1000" on the helmet with their fingers. Adama asks, "You're not ready yet?" Starbuck knocks the paint can onto the floor, where it splashes Apollo. Then she cackles, and I kind of like her. Adama notes that someone will have to clean up the paint. Apollo and Starbuck point at each other. Adama gives up on his giddy officers and says that they have to get going.

Tyrol finds a wagon -- although personally, I'd call it a cart -- and quickly unloads the contents. The wagon is wheeled over, and the pilots put Flat-Top inside and start to whirl him around as they chant.

As Adama, Starbuck, and Apollo hurry to the flight deck, Starbuck asks if Apollo's heard the story of Adama's thousandth landing. Adama drily says that he doesn't remember telling Starbuck about it. Starbuck merrily explains that Adama was having an ongoing fight with his LSO. As she continues, Adama repeats that "this has all been over-exaggerated." So it should have been exaggerated a little bit. I have to say, it's nice to see them all in a good mood and being jolly with each other. I also love that even at his jolliest, Adama is just slightly less taciturn. I don't think I ever want to see him actually laugh out loud at something.

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