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A Measure Of Salvation (2)

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When The Know-Nothings Get Control
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Previously, Gaius led the Cylons toward the Lion Nebula while Gaeta was taking the humans there. What the humans didn't know was that there was a virus on a beacon there which is deadly to Cylons. Gaius did know this, but left out the part about the beacon. His ex-girlfriend Caprica totally knew that he was lying about the beacon, but didn't say anything. The Cylons bounced, leaving the Galactica to discover the tainted basestar without warning -- including the advance scout Raptor piloted by Sharon.

Now: Apollo's riding shotgun in Athena's Raptor, calling in Plan A as they approach the sick baseship. He's gone hard again. Sharon's still mind-blown even though she's returned to Galactica and picked him up in the meantime. I think Major Apollo's the Marine LT on this op; maybe the same way Dualla was his XO on Pegasus. Sharon is having trouble dealing with the site: basestar conky, the Raiders outside her drifting. It's pretty eerie, but when the Raptor starts edging between them to land, it gets a lot creepier. Adama helos to the Raptor that they're clear for entry, and they descend. Helo's quite nervous on his own terms as well, of course. Inside, it is clear the thing is dead. "Galactica, Apollo. No sign of life. Ship appears to be abandoned and powering down." They work their way to the command center, where there are dead models everywhere. Racetrack and Apollo OMG, and Gunny Mathias (Hi!) notes mordantly that "their fracking resurrection ship is gonna overheat." Heh. Apollo calls in the dead -- thirty or forty in his line of sight, but not ours of course -- and Mathias sets up the perimeter. "Sharon," Apollo calls, but she's just staring around at all the bodies. "Athena! See what you can pick up with the computers." She puts her hands in the data port gel we've seen before; the screens all around command begins to flicker. "If I get a connection, put the SSR leads in the water over there. Reduce the error correction level for higher throughput." Racetrack marvels at the USB stuff Sharon can do, but more importantly wonders if it's a good idea. The screens go crazy; something comes up in Sharon. We don't know what it is -- she gasps -- and Hotdog asks if she's okay. Hotdog, who got hot; Hotdog, who named her. "Uh, yeah... the datapoints are almost completely corroded. I don't know if I'm gonna get much out of here, but let's try." I'm not convinced that's why she's wigging, but I'll let the suspicion slide for right now.

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