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What You Feel Is What You Are

Norman: "I'm sorry I called you crazy, Mother..."
Norma: "Oh, who cares? My real daughter is on drugs!"


Remo immediately starts shooting at Bradley and Dylan from out in the darkness.

Dylan: "Stop shooting! It's me, Dylan [Texas]! Do you hear me?"
Remo: "Oh my God, you are so dumb. What are you even doing here? And who is the other person with you who I am going to kill?"
Bradley: "It is me! I am too beautiful to kill. Plus bullets would just go through me like a mirage, probably."
Remo: "Are you Jerry Martin's kid? Sorry we set your dad on fire."
Dylan: "Look, she just wants to go through all of our corrupt drug-dealing documents, it's no big deal."
Remo: "Really? Because that sounds like a bad idea."
Dylan: "But Remo, it is for sex."
Remo: "Oh, cool. Go right ahead, you."
Dylan: "Your sudden but inevitable betrayal is going to sting more with every one of these moments where I fall more and more in love with you."
Remo: "Right back atcha, kiddo. I am really going to hate fucking you up, when that eventually happens."

Bradley: "Speaking of daddies, my one was having an affair. With a person named B! I found correspondence. He was making love to a letter of the alphabet!"
Dylan: "We don't know Miss Watson's first name, or Ethan's last name. Odds are 80/20 it's one of those two."
Bradley: "I thought I already went crazy when witnessed him being burned to death, but I think possibly I will now go even crazier still!"
Dylan: "Then I'd better hop to it."

Actually, it's sweet. He grabs her and holds onto her tight and says of course Jerry still loved her, regardless of whatever else he was up to, because who wouldn't? And it's true. Even after all this, I do love ol' Bradley. She's really got it figured out.


Norma: "Hey Norman, on a scale of one to ten how weird would it be if I slept in here tonight?"
Norman: "In my bed? With my dead animal in it and also me?"
Norma: "One to ten, I said. I mean, I realize it's weird but is it that weird?"
Norman: "Ugh, this is just because of that slave-trader who is stalking you and threatened to kill you and managed to get a body out of the morgue without anybody caring."
Norma: "Uh yeah, it is."

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Bates Motel




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