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What You Feel Is What You Are

Dylan: "Okay fine, let's go."


Wrong number, and then before you know it Emma is chowing down on the obvious pot muffin that Cute Hippie Ra'uf has left her that is going to get her high. This is the best television show in the whole, whole world of television. Like the look of wonder and amazement that is constantly in her giant beautiful eyes isn't going to be twice as fabulous once she gets that edible down.


Norma: "In breaking news, we are moving to Oahu! It is very safe there, and near to a beach. Nobody will come looking for us, and we will be safe and all alone. Don't tell Dylan!"
Norman: "I am not doing this with you. A Hawaii cottage sounds delicious, Mother, but I have a real life here."
Norma: "It's especially safe because it's an island!"
Norman: "Okay, that was hilarious. But..."
Norma: "And we've been running a motel so we have management experience..."
Norman: "Literally for three days we have been doing this. In which fairly short time we have committed multiple homicides. I don't know that the service industry is..."
Norma: "Whatever, I will just tell lies to everyone like usual."

They get into a fight and Norman eventually goes back into the mode where he just -- terrified by himself, on the verge of breaking down -- keeps repeating over and over that she is crazy and scary and doesn't make any sense, etc. Which is when Emma shows up, with eyes like whirling jewels.

Emma: "I think there might be video monitoring equipment in the office."
Norma: "That is totally something I would buy!"
Emma: "I felt like I was being watched. It was really creeping me out."
Norma: "Like by whom?"
Emma: "I don't know. God? I got lonely. I grabbed my tank and headed up here to see you guys, see what you were up to. And man, you know stairs? Stairs. There were like a million of 'em!"
Norma, gettin' up close: "...Not that it rules out the spy cams, but you are high as shit."
Emma: "Like it was an escalator, that you climb -- Hi! -- and one more step just kept coming, out of nowhere. Like I was in space!"
Norma: "Do CF kids smoke pot?"
Emma: "I ate it. It was a cupcake from a hippie. Frankly I don't see the appeal."
Norma: "Norman, go make her some toast. You can mess with her head if you want, but nothing, like, scathing."

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Bates Motel




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