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What You Feel Is What You Are

Romero: "I notice that he didn't sign it 'Jake Abernathy.'"
Norma: "No, but who else could have sent it? Everybody else is dead."
Romero: "Shit, I don't know your personal business."
Norma: "THIS IS DEFINITELY A CLUE. Also, he's staking me out again. Driving by in that black car of murder, all day long, like he's got nothing else to do now that I have ruined his flesh-trade career."
Romero: "Oh, plus obviously Jake Abernathy doesn't exist. It's a shine-on, dame. The old switcheroo."
Norma: "Too bad I scrubbed off all his fingerprints and DNA during one of my 'sodes. And then gave the room to that filth out there."

Romero: "You know, it's sort of funny that you went into the service industry."
Norma: "I am keen to serve people! I just wish they weren't always trying to kill me and smoking doobies and raping everybody all the time."
Romero: "For a very understandably paranoid person, you didn't write down his plates or save his creepy hairs or anything whatsoever. You are not good at this part of my job."
Norma: "But how will you save me? From the man that doesn't exist? You know how hard it is for me to trust people, men and authority figures."
Romero: "I will have you patrolled every half-hour. Which I would imagine won't last very long before you have killed yet another person in your house."
Norma: "Okay, well, if any other literal dead bodies show up, I'll call ya."
Romero: "I know. I know that you will."


Dylan: "Hello, Bradl..."
Bradley: "When are you going to get me into my dad's office?"
Dylan: "And so we dispense with the preliminaries. Listen, maybe I could just box up all his drug-dealer crap and bring it to you, and that way Gil would be forced to kill us both."
Bradley: "It's not about anything in particular. Well, there's a pocketwatch I'm kind of fixated on, but mostly it's about being in the actual space. How he left things. My mom already did the boxing-up thing, like, immediately. It left me untethered."
Dylan: "The thing is Gil kind of hated your dad by the end. You know how he was set on fire and then aimed at you in a speeding car?"
Bradley: "Figure it out, mister. I'm just gonna be over here looking awesome and untouchable and unknowable, embodying the pathetic desires of men who haven't fully developed emotionally, as is the way of things."

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Bates Motel




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