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What You Feel Is What You Are


On the downside, Norman has a pretty involved dream about drowning Bradley in the bathtub. A calm lake in a world of concrete. On the upside, when he wakes up he is ashamed, frightened and above all does not masturbate. Which I guess the fact that I was worried about that says, perhaps, more about me than the boy.


Emma: "Hey, I came in early to organize your office. It is disordered just like your mind."
Norma: "Just throw everything out except the deed and the land and stuff like that. Everything else, burn it. We don't need to know."
Emma: "Uh, okay. I will be doing the opposite of that because I am Emma Dekody, but it's nice to know which Norma we're dealing with today."

Norma: "If those hippies start smoking their doobies and roaches while I'm gone, freak out on them."
Emma: "You know we live in the WPB, right? And I'm kind of shy with hot hippies."
Norma: "Just act super fucking crazy. Like you know how I am? Do that."
Emma: "And what if they say for example, No? No, Tank Girl, I am going to keep smoking this doobie."
Norma: "I don't know. Climb up on something and holler like your whole body's going to shake apart, that's what I'd do. Or drive crazy donuts in the parking lot. Pretty much anything that will simultaneously get their attention and make it clear you cannot be reasoned with."

A cute gay Canadian man brings a delivery of flowers! Norma's so out of it today that for a second she's like, "How nice! How nice that a... Wait, I don't have any friends or anyone that would get me flowers. My dead boyfriend already got carried outta here twice, and all my husbands... Possibly they are from Norman? But more likely they are from Jake Abernathy and they are a mobster message. A fragrant horse's head."

Norma: "Emma, throw this shit out. I won't have murder message flowers in the office on top of everything else. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to call Sheriff Romero and leave him an urgent message that somebody sent me flowers. A very serious crime."


Bradley: "Dylan, hey."
Dylan: "Oh, are we already at the part where we do it, and Norman goes crazy?"
Bradley: "Could you sneak me into my dad's office over at Gil's drug warehouse? I miss him very bad! And I thought if I could just see where the corruption went down, like how he kept his desk and everything, it would give me solace."

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Bates Motel




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