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Mother told Norman to break into Norma's boyfriend's house and steal back the belt that she apparently hasn't had time to ask for, so he took off down the road and ended up finding a Chinese sex slave chained up in Shelby's basement.


Dylan saw all of this go down -- on his new motorcycle, which he rides around town dressed like Racer X -- and followed, so that by the time Shelby let his dog (Clementine, btw) out of the bedroom where Norman locked her and came back downstairs, he was able to ring the doorbell and distract Shelby long enough for Norman to get away, which we did not know.

Problem #1: Doped-up Chinese sex-slaves have some serious upper body.
Problem #2: Norman Bates... does not.

Norman: "I will come back and get you at a later date, but I have to leave right now because we are in the house of a cop so paranoid he keeps a baseball bat named ZEUS next to his bed, and so scary that he has a you in his basement."
Jiao: "I am pretty sure you should help me out."
Norman: "As I said, young lady, that is on the agenda but it is not an action item at this time. I will return, with tools and remedies. Of all kinds. Sundry aid."
Jiao: "I am just sort of going to pull on your leg while we scream at each other, okay? I get antsy."
Norman: "This is why you shouldn't break into people's houses, I suppose. In case of shit like this."


Dylan: "Hi, we don't know each other so I don't know how suspicious this is going to turn out to look, but could you help me with a motorcycling problem?"
Shelby: "No! I am off-duty and not required to help those in need."
Dylan: "Hypocrite lecteur, -- mon semblable, -- mon frère!"
Shelby: "Okay, because we look like differently nourished versions of the same person, I will tell you that a gas station exists. Somewhere."
Dylan: "Do but point in the direction, sirrah, and I will go."
Shelby, nastily pointing: "Ugh!"


Dylan: "Hey, welcome home. How come you broke into a cop's house?"
Norman: "Do what? I was just on a little jog."
Dylan: "In the middle of the night? In a sweater and dungarees?"
Norman: "Mere exertion is no excuse for being slovenly, Dylan. Think about that, the next time you're not shaving your face because you are too lazy."

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