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Deputy Shelby is, in many ways, the perfect man. Which is how they get you. Nobody's actually a villain in their own movie, and he told Norma Bates a lot of stuff they both wanted passionately to believe -- and he meant it -- but at the end of the day holding murder evidence over your girlfriend's head isn't too far off from keeping her locked up in your basement on heroin, and he had both. Norman and Emma, in solving these twinned mysteries, ended up unraveling everything, and presented one sex slave to the other in a cliffhanger that twisted everything upside down and can only have redoubled Norma's feelings about men, their world, and her place in it.


Emma: "So your mom is in a total fugue state now? Is this normal?"
Norman: "Generally I'm the one who blacks out. I guess we broke her."
Emma: "Must be pretty tough to find out the person you're in love with is a monster."
Norman: "Spoiler alert!"
Emma: "...Oh, there she goes."

Norma goes tearing off, hilariously as ever, and Norman chases her down. The walk to the office from Room 11 is a long one, we know that -- but this chase to the parking lot is impossibly long and impossibly scary, and after watching Norma seethe silently and unmovingly for a good five minutes, somewhat cathartic. At least she's doing something.

Once Norman makes it to her, though, it turns into a whole different crazy struggle, with her peeling out in the gravel and aiming herself like a weapon at Shelby; she locks the doors and Norman dives in -- all eleven gawky feet of him -- for a new and improved Norma Freakout. Now, nothing is as loveable and funny and scary as Norma flipping out, she's physically one of the funniest people in the world, so there are economies of scale in play: Is this funnier than the King Kong fence-climb? Is it funnier than the trip-tropping vehicular evac from last week?

Maybe. It may be. But as they're doing donuts around the BATES MOTEL sign -- literal donuts, okay -- at least we have Emma to marvel at what we're watching, which makes the whole thing funnier but also more comforting: "Holy shit," she says, her passion for Norman and his entire situation growing exponentially with every revolution.

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Bates Motel




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