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More Sweet To Me Than Sunlight
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Norman produced for his mother the very same Asian sex slave he'd been convinced her boyfriend was keeping in the basement, and then -- long story short -- her boyfriend died.


Dylan hands his gun over easily to Romero when he arrives and the Sheriff confirms his Deputy is dead, and then just when they're all screwing their eyes shut tight waiting for the thunder to come -- except for Norman, who is still basically out of it -- he tells them all to head up to the house.


Norma wraps up telling Romero the entire first six episodes, except for the part where Norman killed her husband to begin with, but including the entire sordid awful story with Summers and the belt and the carpet and the girl. It was deliciously excruciating to live through at the time, but on reflection I guess you can see how quickly you could tell it.

Norma goes a little haywire -- "So that's the whole story, so you know everything now, I have nothing more to tell you, that's the entire truth, you know it all" -- and Romero waits for her to eventually wind down. Good luck with that, mister.

Romero: "Here's the story. I've been suspicious of Shelby for a while, and kind of thought he might have killed Keith and thrown him in the bay, and he was hiding one of these girls on Keith's boat and I was getting closer and closer -- a hero, a hunter, an uncoverer of life's darker mysteries..."
Dylan: "Ugh, for real? Men really are the worst, Norma."
Norma/n: "Shh! Dylan, this is scintillating. A fascinating tale of derring-do. That saves our asses."

Romero: "...Just then! Knowing Romero was on the case, Shelby tried to move the girl and after a manhunt in which I did not call backup, because I do not need backup, we had ourselves a showdown. I killed Zach Shelby with this gun right here..."
Dylan: "Fucking A. That is my gun. I did all of this you're talking about. Also, why did I get shot in the arm in this story?"
Romero: "Meh. You got in the way..."
Norma/n: "You do tend to do that."
Romero: "...In the way of my justice."

Norman: "What about Jiao? Isn't she off dead in the woods somewhere?"
Romero: "I guess. That happened before I got here. And killed Zach Shelby. With my enormous penis."
Norma/n: "This is the best story we have ever heard."

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