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Shadow of a Doubt

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Maybe Miss Watson was going to molest him or maybe she just was being nice, but either way her ass is dead now and Norman Bates is on the case. Having solved her own little murder mystery -- or so she thinks -- the incandescent Bradley Martin has nowhere to run but Norman Bates's basement, so now he has two problems.*

*(Norman Bates has at least one million problems.)


The taxidermy animals down in the basement have been posed to look like they're having a party! Or else they were having a party last night and forgot to get their shit together before the humans woke up.

Bradley's asleep on a hasty pallet near the boiler, looking like an angel, when Norman finally shakes her awake. She moves fast, talks fast, but her eyes take a second to focus; her mouth hangs open, she is ragged.

Bradley: "Yeah so listen I need you to do the following eighty things..."
Norman: "No way. You need to tell me what's going on. Every time I keep a ratchet tore-up girl as a pet my mom yells at me. Also, we are in the middle of a love story and you don't know it yet, so I need the deets."
Bradley: "I am not interested in your mess. I am interested in a bus ticket to anywhere, some money, some food, some..."
Norman: "I don't think you realize how awkward this is for me! You have to explain the stakes so that I won't trip on the weirdness of keeping a girl under my mom's roof."
Bradley: "Okay you know what? Fine. I killed a man. I think he killed my dad, probably he did, but either way it was a squid-blessed mess with brains everywhere."
Norman: "Oh my God we have so much in common! This is crazy."


Staring down at Norma staring up at us, on a doctor's table. A clicking sound, which majorly tripped me out. I was like, "Wait, is that a speculum down there? Speculums also make a clicking sound? They literally do everything you don't want to happen." I don't know why, but the clicking noise just sent me over the edge.

Doc: "What kind of birth control are you using?"
Norma: "Ever since my sons murdered my sex slave-owning boyfriend? Mostly my personality."
Doc: "Do you have any unrelated questions to ask me while I do this?"
Norma: "Tell me about blackouts. Like, into trances, and with lost time."

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