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Dylan made a friend at the strip club, Ethan, who -- when he's not setting people on fire in the name of frontier justice and/or shooting people and breaking their legs for his drug dealer bosses -- seems to be very focused on family values and all-around charitable behavior. Dylan finally figured out a way to reach out to Norman in a way that did not scare him off, which was lovely and which eventually contributed to getting Norman laid over at mysterious Bradley's house. Norma got arrested for the murder of Keith Summers, thankfully in a way that was not Norman's fault, but unfortunately she still does not believe in his hallucinations (?) about her boyfriend's sex prisoners.


Norman takes in sleepy Bradley for a while, feeling on fire in his new skin. He thinks about touching her hair and decides not, probably because of her creepy pantyhose bodysuit she's wearing for reasons of modesty that is distractingly sparkling in the morning light like he just accidentally boned a member of the Cullen family of vampires that lives a mere six-hour drive up the coast.

He walks home, feeling well chuffed, and keeps giggling to himself and remembering how: Sex.


Dylan: "Hey, buddy. Spring in your step there, I see."
Norman, awkwardly: "Tee hee."
ibid., immediately: "...Where is Mother?"
Dylan: "She is, um, in jail."


Boys: "How's it going, Norma?"
Norma: "How it's going is, I am a rat in a cage. Despite all my rage. I can't even be looking at you right now."
Dylan: "Why are you pissed at me?"
Norma: "I am always pissed at you."
Dylan: "Fair enough."

Norman: "What about me, Mother?"
Norma: "You, I can't talk about it because it will fuck you up, so I'll just growl."

"I'm glad you want to help, Norman. Really, it's big of you. Any mother would be broken in half by such devotion."

He really is astounded and confused, like, what if your left knee or your right elbow started talking trash and acting like a scary mother you dream about, for no reason at all? Could she smell it on him and that's what she's trying to take away? Is this about the belt? Does she have him wrapped up with that night in his mind, like he does with her?

Boys: "We are going to save you and post bail, okay?"

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