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In the wake of her husband's "mysterious" murder, Norma Bates bought herself and her seventeen-year-old son Norman a motel to run in a lovely seaside town called White Pine Bay, leaving a life of tragedy and a much less dependent son behind. Of course, it wasn't long until the community's secret creepiness made itself scarily clear and Norma was -- I'm comfortable saying -- forced into killing the motel's very vile former owner, Keith Summers, which has brought her onto the radar of the WPB P.D.

Meanwhile, Norman picked up some BFFs -- including a hot girl named Bradley and a dying girl named Emma -- hit up a fairly intense party, and found himself the proud owner of a very dirty torture/porn comic... not to mention some conflicted feelings toward his encouraging slash discomfiting English teacher, Miss Watson.

All in all, an eventful couple days.


Norman obsessively strobes a flashlight over the pages of his little creepster manga, flipping them like a zoetrope: the girl in the shower of Room #4 bound and gagged. Nothing too graphic yet, but there are two men in a couple of the drawings leering like wolves, with just enough detail to their cartoon faces to again suggest that this is something that actually happened -- or is happening -- here at the motel or elsewhere. His fascination is blank, perhaps a little spooked. But he keeps looking. And when the doorbell rings, he swiftly hides the book under his mattress and slides the flashlight back into place: on Keith Summer's rape utility belt, under his bed.

It's late -- or early -- enough that Norma's got her robe on when she heads downstairs. And when she sees her firstborn, Dylan the Halfblood, all she can do is stand, unblinking as ever, and stare him down. He's wearing a motorcycle jacket and he has a feral Volchok cast to his face, like a Son Of Anarchy or one of the Shameless kids -- he looks lost. All we know for sure is that he needs money and has no problem with calling his mother a bitch.


Norma: "...Because if I ask him how long he's staying, that implies that he's staying. It opens the conversation to include the possibility. No, he's here for money. I'll give him money and send him on his way..."

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Bates Motel




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