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Bradley took Norman's v-card and then got his brother to sneak her into her dad's drug-dealer office, where she learned a mysterious "B" was having an affair with her burned-up dead dad. This is in the previouslies for some reason. More relevant, though, is how Norman very nearly serial killed her for Friendzoning him, which was scary! Over on the mom side, Norma made the acquaintance of the so-called Jake Abernathy, a supercreepy sex-slaving resurrectionist who sent her flowers -- flowers of murder -- and will now be extorting from her one hundred and fifty-thousand imaginary dollars.


Norma: "I need to speak to Sheriff Romero right away! It is a matter of life and death!"
Distractingly Beautiful Receptionist: "And what is your name?"
Norma: "Bitch I know you know who I am."
DBR: "Yeah, sorry. I get bored because the cops in this town do not work. You're basically the only person I ever talk to, now that Shelby is dead many times over."
Romero: "Her name is Norma Louise Bates! And she is a pain in my keester!"
Norma: "We need to talk!"
Romero: "Yeah I'm sure. It's been five seconds, so."

Romero: "He wants a hundred-fitty? Where are you going to get it?"
Norma: "Obviously I don't have any money to give him. Even beating the shit out of that real estate bro last week only netted me a couple dozen Dave & Busters tokens."
Romero: "Then I guess we're gonna have to care. Ugh, Norma..."
Norma: "I know! I'm very inconvenient!"
Romero: "Okay, just let me handle it."
Norma: "What? Why would I do that?"
Romero: "Because you came here specifically to ask me to do that?"
Norma: "Yeah, when you say it like that it just seems weirdly trusting. Like, do either of us really believe I'm not gonna fuck this up and get us all killed?"
Romero: "Just don't do anything dumb like buy a black-market gun, and we'll be fine."
Norma: "Gotcha."

Norma: "Dylan, could you call me back? I need to acquire a gun immediately."


Norman: "Staring up at this school dance banner makes you look like a real loser."
Emma: "Yeah, I was just thinking it's good you're a sociopath that won't ask me. I'd hate to get all gussied up. My oxygen tank is already so glam."

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Bates Motel




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