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Gone But Not Forgotten

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If you find yourself getting stabbed to death in the shower out of nowhere, your first and last question is probably going to be something like, "What the fuck?"

If you find yourself watching somebody get stabbed to death out of nowhere, the horror lies somewhere else, less visceral: "What the fuck happened to Norman Bates?"

Psycho is indelible, like all good psychological horror, because you are left wondering what lead to the point where the stabbing starts, how the lady got mummified down in the basement, who the monster is, how we got here, if it could happen to you. It asks those questions and this odd little show answers them, in a complicated and surprisingly loving way:

What the fuck happened to Norman Bates? Life.
What the fuck did Norma Bates do to her son? Loved him.
Who's the monster? No such thing. Find a better word.


Norma took the lemons of her abusive husband's mysterious death, and made lemonade: Specifically, establishing a northwestern paradise where she could raise a man in perfect harmony with the world. The world did not approve, and found a million and one ways to punish her for even thinking such a thought. Sent wolves and monsters and demons and bears to her door, all with one intention: To keep her from saving him, to drag that boy out of her home and into the concrete world.

Her older son showed up, and basically beat himself bloody against the door until she grudgingly let him in. Lovers descended on her innocent son, tearing him into a million horny pieces. There were sex slaves and drug wars and pioneer justice and violation and tons of murders. But in the end, Norma and her boys made it to the other side. Nearly.

While Norma and Sheriff Romero were taking out the last of the sex slavers, freeing her up to do her best with the motel, Norman was at a school dance ditching one girl -- his best friend -- and getting the shit kicked out of him for loving another, whose own feelings had settled on his brother; whose own father died under mysterious circumstances. When his teacher Miss Watson offered him a ride home, every part of him was telling him it was dangerous, and that's when he blacked out and found himself running home in the rain.


It's raining hard, still; the storm lights up Juno the Taxidermied Dog as Norman tosses and turns. Downstairs, Norma gets a recorded call from the phone tree: Miss Blaire Watson -- "B" is for "Blaire," as in Bradley's father's mysterious lover whose first name we're hearing for the first time -- was found with her throat slashed all to hell after the dance last night, so there's no school on Monday because of the funeral. (As we'll learn, Miss Watson was from an old White Pine Bay family, in some circles at least.)

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