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First You Dream, Then You Die

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The Cord of Communion

Summers: "Go ahead, call the cops! I fish with half of them, we grew up together. This is my house!"

When he rapes her, I said out loud, that's what he's going to say. "This is my house," or maybe, "This is my town." I didn't believe it, but I said it. I should have known better.

Norma: "That was okay, that didn't crack any concrete. He's pathetic, a drunk loser slob who needed to yell. But he won't be back."

She says it, but she doesn't believe it. She knows better.


Inside the house, it's the 1960s and everything is safe. It's only when they step outside that the concrete starts to crack. They're listening to the Stones on an old cabinet player, inside the house: Jagger swearing she'll never control him, not even if she gives in; begging and begging for her to give in; demanding to know why his wild free selfishness isn't working its usual magic: "Ain't I rough enough, honey?"

Norma: "This roof's been here since the '50s, man. If you reschedule me again I'll just go someplace else. I'm not waiting until next century."

When the doorbell rings, they both freeze. The music practically screeches to a halt. The world of men, intruding: Coming to take them both, to separate them. Lock them in concrete. Even the girls have boys' names, out there.

Bradley: "Mrs. Bates? I'm Bradley Martin, we're friends with Norman from school! Can he come out and study with us?"
Norman: "Ladies, hi!"
Norma: "Nice to meet you, but we've got tons of work to do here..."
Girl: "Your house is so cool!"
Norma: "Thank you, sweetie. There's a shit ton of things to do, but it's got potential."
Norman: "I mean, maybe I could..."
Norma, without looking: "-- Nope, sorry. Another time."
Bradley: "That's totally fine! Nice to meet you, Mrs. Bates! Goodnight, Norman!"


Norma: "Heh. No way."
Norman: "How could you do that? You put words in my mouth..."
Norma: "That was the part where you say Yes and I say No, and you know that and I'd know you know that, so you'd just be doing it to..."
Norman: "You want to start, to have, a life here. This is how that works. That's how that looks, you have friends and you connect with people, you let them into your life..."
Norma: "You don't know them yet. You have to be more careful than just that."

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