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The Cord of Communion


Norman's beating rugs outside when the guy shows up: A dirtier, stupider Vincent D'Onofrio. The guy's drunk, but not moving slow. He's a man, walking right up to the edge of safety. Norman shivers.

Summers: "You're Norman, right? Just moved in, right? With your mother?"
Norman: "You know her? I can go get her..."
Summers: "You're seventeen, your dad died. You're here from Arizona..."
Norman: "Yeah, all true. Listen, I'll be right back..."
Summers: "Just the two of you. What the fuck do you know about running a motel?"

Norma: "...Can I help you?"
Summers: "Looks like you need help."
Norma: "The fuck you say."
Summers: "I'm Keith Summers, my great-great-grandfather built this house in 1912. My grandfather built that motel in the Fifties. That's my grandmother's rug you're beating. This property has been in my family for over a century..."

Long time, long line of men. I wasn't sure what would happen, but I had a pretty good idea -- the tone in his voice reminded me of nothing so much as the time Veena Sud killed the Internet's dog, that same entitled, privileged whine -- but I had no idea how far it would go. Which I guess was the point.

Norma: "Listen, I know it was hard to lose it to the bank. But I mean, it's ours now."
Summers: "I know everything about this place! Every nook and cranny, every dirty secret. You don't know how this place works. You don't know how this town works. What makes you think you can run this place by yourself?"

This is what happens when we don't do what you say. This is what happens when you try to build a life that isn't about you: You think something's been taken away. When you're entitled to everything, someone else having something feels just like this: Like it was taken away. Like your ownership has been stolen, leaving you with nothing. "Who the hell do you think you are, living without caring what I think about it?"

Rule #1 For a Happy Life: Never explain privilege to a person while they're actively demonstrating it. You'll get nowhere. She knows enough to know that the only thing he's going to hear is another man, so she becomes one. It works enough that he stumbles back and away.

Norma: "Because I can. Get the hell off my property and don't come back."

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