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The Cord of Communion

Sheriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell, aging into a dead ringer for Anthony Perkins) introduces himself and Deputy Zack Shelby (Mike Vogel, ace-looking as usual). There's something odd about their reasons for being there, but Norma can't track it: They must have known Summers was losing it, but don't seem to know that his enemies/victims had already moved in. They say they saw the lights on -- hell, maybe they figured Summers would try something. But something's off. Maybe she's seeing things; cops are always bad, but right now they're absurd.

Romero: "Norma and Norman? That's unusual."
Norma: "Boys take their father's names all the time."

Norma does a good job of acting like a person -- admittedly, a person who just happened to have cut herself open pulling up carpets in the middle of the night, like any old manic episode -- but not so good that they don't randomly ask to check inside.

Norman stashes his comic back under the carpet and goes into Good Boy; they're astonished that she's got him up and working so late and she laughs. She had no idea how late it was.

Norman: "Everything's good here. Except for this carpeting!"
Norma: "Sheriff Romero wanted to... see what we're doing, I guess? A little interested in design?"
Romero: "Wouldn't put it that way."
(Shelby: "Although I'm, by the way, loving that you just called him gay...")
Norma: "Well, what man is? My late husband, may he rest in peace, hated that stuff."
Shelby: "Oh, you're a widow? Sorry about that."
Norma: "Six months ago. Listen, I need a cop on my side. I can tell by the way you jumped on that, and the effect me calling another man gay had on you, so let's do some flirting."
Romero: "While you're doing that, I'm going to go use the bathroom you stashed a body in."

There's much talk about that, which does double duty of ratcheting up the tension incredibly while also letting Romero drop the fact that he was a friend of Keith's and thus should not be trusted anyway. They all wait, listening to him piss and make strangled conversation. When he comes out, he does not seem to have noticed that he was peeing near his dead friend's body and then they're called away.


An already unsteady Norman notices blood on his shoe and suddenly his mother is getting raped and murdering somebody right in front of him all over again, so he dashes away from his empty lunch table and, to keep it from being a total disaster, up some stairs to get away from the lunchroom before he pukes.

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