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With very little information to go on, really, Bradley Martin killed the head of one of the two main drug crews in White Pine Bay, and Norman got Dylan's help to fake her death and send her off to Boston. A few months earlier, basically because she was unraveling but also to ruin a date that was already going to be ruined anyway, Norma told Norman -- because who could be better prepared to handle this information -- about her brother Caleb, who sexually abused her for her entire childhood, until he left home. Later that night, he almost got molested and possibly killed a drug lord's daughter. Four months later, that brother has arrived in town. But to what end?


Emma lets herself in, and Norman offers her some breakfast cereal because he is a sweet kid who is enjoying his breakfast cereal, but she's got seriousness on her brain: Specifically, the discovery of missing teenager Bradley Martin's clothes and suicide note, on the front page.

Emma: "I'm so, so sorry!"
Norman: "It's no big deal. She was kind of DOA ever since her last suicide attempt, if I'm being totally honest."
Emma: "You don't want to break down crying in my arms?"
Norman: "Nah, I'm good."
Emma: "Because I am weirdly distraught. I hated her, but then after the last time I was sad for her, and then when she was missing I was worried and now she's really dead."
Norman: "Yeah, but what does that have to do with you?"
Emma: "Remember how obsessed I was with the dead Chinese sex slave? Because I have cystic fibrosis and every day is a fight to stay alive? Bradley Martin didn't have cystic fibrosis, or a heroin addiction, or any problems whatsoever. Besides that time her nearly dead father tried to run her over while he was on fire, I mean."
Norman: "Yeah but you weren't friends. In my version of reality, you were bitter romantic rivals."
Emma: "Right? That's why I came running up here, clunking my oxygen tank against every step, to see if you were okay. Now… about those hugs."
Norman: "I will let you know if I have any pretend feelings about this, I promise."

He asks Emma to leave the paper, for his growing pile of mementos, and she does. He's not acting entirely right, but he's not happy about it either. She is gone. And that's sad, even though it's empowering because he was the one that did it. He saved her -- this report is the official confirmation that he saved her. But she's still gone.

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