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A Most Stormy Life
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Norman had a dog named Juno for a hot minute, and then she died just from knowing him. A total creepster showed up at the motel, tripping all of Dylan's red flags and zero of Norma's, even after he all but specifically told her he was a sex murderer and would be using the motel for a week of sex murders every other month. Norman creeped out Bradley by Nice Guying her almost to death, even after she all but specifically told her their sex was going to be meaningless. It was one of Norman's worst days!


Will Dekody: "Little boy, this is how you taxidermy a dog."
Norman: "I don't know what normal is!"
Will, verbatim: "The art of it is to recreate the beauty of motion in something still. To create life if you will. Here is where we'll make incisions... Then you have to take everything out."
Norman: "That's fine. I figured. Viscera, et cetera."
Will: "I'm sorry your dog died, on the one hand, but on the other hand isn't this so fun?"

Norman: "I thought it would be dishonorable to just bury her in the ground. She gets so lonely."
Will: "It's okay to project your feelings onto an animal, especially a dead one. Especially if you're not even talking about the dog, but your future taxidermied mom."
Norman: "I must say, I'm very impressed by your aplomb."
Will: "Would you like a job here? Your sociopathic lack of affect right now and your adorably affable nature in general make you well-suited to the morbid professions."
Norman: "If there is any way to make you my dad without having to marry your daughter, count me in!"


Emma's having a private CF meltdown in the bathroom when Bradley's interchangeable bitches show up and immediately start fawning over how great Bradley is, just like you assume they would; particularly today they are amazed by how gracefully she condescends to Norman Bates.

Girl: "I feel so bad for him!"
Girl: "I know! Because he's so pathetic."
Girl: "We're not sympathetic so much as monsters."
Girl: "I think Norman Bates might have actual mental issues."
Girl: "I know! It's funny. But also sad. But mostly funny. Teenagers are the devil."
Girl: "It's because we're not finished growing up yet!"
Girl: "Like how Norman thinks he's gonna tap that. Not even Bradley is dead enough on the inside to swipe that hot mess's v-card."

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Bates Motel




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