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After the montages, Chris Harrison decides to start off the proceedings with a debate over the merits of Fake Dean McDermott. Tyler V. tells The Weatherman that he "bitched out" when he told Ali that Fake Dean was a creepazoid, which is pretty much an annoying thing to say, like somehow telling Ali that Fake Dean is an overly aggressive dick is something only a woman would do and it would be a bad thing. So shut up, Tyler V., and get off my TV. Some other guy who I guess was on the show at some point chimes in that The Weatherman totally threw Fake Dean "under the bus", but I am pretty sure Ali is occasionally smart enough to make her own decisions. I mean, she kept Justin around much longer than she kept Fake Dean. I think she just didn't like Fake Dean and she thought his Donna Martin paper dolls were creepy. The Weatherman is all pissy and defensive, and he makes it clear that he will also never get any action, ever, except from really lonely drunk college students who watch the local weather channel a lot. But even then it is doubtful. Chris Harrison points out that The Weatherman was just trying to "guard and protect Ali's heart", which would be a zinger aimed squarely at Krazy Kasey except for the fact that Kasey took it completely seriously. Yep, The Weatherman was guarding Ali's heart, but that was his job! Tennessee Ty respects the fact that Kasey watched every single minute of Ali's journey to love with Bachelor Jake and wanted to come on The Bachelorette and protect Ali. That is actually pretty much stalker behavior that I really would hope that the producers would weed out before, you know, Krazy Kasey sticks Ali in an abandoned well and starts chucking lotion bottles at her. Everyone laughs that, ha ha, Kasey is Krazy! Mental instability is hilarious! Harrison changes the topic again. It is now time to discuss Justin. Then Kyle and Steve who I have no recollection of ever seeing (ever) start discussing how Justin was definitely there for the wrong reasons... and they knew it all along! Or at least for the 12 minutes they were on the show.

It is time to discuss Frank. Frank isn't here now, because they are saving him for the After the Final Rose show. Something to look forward to! Before the gents can talk about Frank behind his back, we get the full Frank montage from happy beginning to tearful end. As Ali cries on the beaches of Tahiti, Chris Harrison takes a deep breath, claims it is hard to watch poor, happy, just-wants-to-be-loved Ali crying, and asks the bachelors to talk about their feelings. Then he acknowledges the stupidity of asking the question to the whole group of gathered bachelors, so instead specifies that the question is for "those who knew her well." Craig R. has some words. He thinks equating Justin and Frank is all wrong. Justin was there for the wrong reasons, while Frank was there for the right reasons, but just happened to have an ex-girlfriend he still loved. But I am NOT recapping this debate again. Go here and read. I'll wait. See? Frank is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Justin. Mostly in that the guys kind of liked him. For some reason all the guys rush to Frank's defense, saying he handled the situation honorably. The only people who call Frank on his bullshit are the guys who left after the second episode. So apparently Frank is a good guy and all the guys like him and, yeah, he made Ali cry, but still. Ty would definitely drink a beer with him.

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