Season 8, Episode 8

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The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

He hastens to reassure her that he doesn't need to live there, but just does because he likes it. She -- displaying Romney-esque casualness -- says she'd love to live there too because the place is so great, but she tells us that she's now rethinking everything.

Things get worse when he shows her his room, which is full of stuffed animals, half-eaten cookies, and he says he wishes his mom had picked up. So at this point it's fairly obvious to anyone watching that he's pulling her leg. Meanwhile, she's telling him that she can clean, instead of giving him shit for expecting his mom to.

Then he awkwardly explains that it's all a joke, that of course he doesn't live at home, because that is only for poor people.

And now Emily is pleased to see that Sean has a sense of humor and can make fun of himself. I'm not sure how that joke makes fun of himself as much as it's based on Emily being gullible, but that's just me.

So they go back outside -- Sean's family still sitting around -- and everyone has a good laugh at the joke, but since Emily talked about how cool it is that he lives at home and now much she'd love to move in, she can't go back on it too much without appearing to be full of shit, of course.

Sean sits down with his dad, whom he speaks about in almost reverential tones. Although I do think his dad's a little off the mark when he says when love happens this fast and comes so easy, it's real. That's actually terrible advice. "I realize now there's something magical here," he tells us.

Sean's dad sits down with Emily, and he wants to know how she "felt that first connection" With who? Presumably your son, I suppose, but it's really important to specify. Anyway, she talks about getting Sean to open up, which is something his family has had trouble with in the past.

Meanwhile, Sean's mom is reminding her son that Emily's looking for a commitment and a father for Ricki, so if he pulls out a ring on the last day, she'll know he means it. Sean's mom tells us that she was skeptical at first, but after meeting with Emily, she knows what a super-duper lady she is, or something, and she can tell that things are genuine with Emily and Sean. I kinda wish the families would be shown clips from dates with everyone else, and then we could see how genuine they think things are. Anyway, she can see herself and Ricki blending well into this family. Better figure it out soon, so the family can get the necessary permits to build Ricki's house in the back yard.

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