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King Jeremy the Wicked

Later on, everyone has lunch on the field -- hot dogs and wine -- while the guys all rave about the date. And then ... Eric is alone chatting with DeAnna? Wasn't the point of the contest that the winner got some alone time? "All of my conversations with Eric seem to be the same," DeAnna complains in a talking head. All they talk about is Greek culture! she whines, and by "Greek culture" she means "not me." The clips of the conversation do seem to reflect a theme, though. I mean, did he really have to, after mentioning his brother, point out that his brother is Greek as well? And now Brian is another home run derby non-winner getting alone time with DeAnna, who asks him if he has any bad habits, and he says he's made mistakes, but has learned from them. And they talk about figuring things out, and maturing, and how marriage is important, and blah blah blah.

Back at the guest house, Jason's on the phone with his son Ty, and admitting that he can't hold it in anymore, and just has to go tell people about his son. Or something. So he reveals to the other guys that he has a three-year-old, and that he hasn't been trying to hide it or anything (even though that's exactly what he's been doing) and it's important to be honest and blah blah blah, while the other guys offer encouragement and try to pretend they care that this is such a big deal. In a talking head, Ryan looks all severe as he says he was surprised, and Jason definitely needs to tell DeAnna, as it's something she needs to know. This talk of honesty is really inspiring, and will lead Jason to -- not tell DeAnna, not this episode, anyway.

Back at Dodger Stadium, Tommy tells DeAnna that it's a good group of guys she has here, and she needs to look into a crystal ball to see what they're going to be like down the road if they're married. She says something in a talking-head, but to be honest with you, I always get confused on reality shows when talking-heads come from the same person in four or five different outfits, completely screwing with timelines. Anyway, Jeremy gets the rose. Was there any doubt? She walks him down the stadium steps into some room where she talks about how they have so much in common.

Meanwhile, the entire inane conversation is being broadcast over the JumboTron. "Don't do it, DeAnna!" yells Robert. Ron says in a talking-head that it's a little concerning that Jeremy's already on his second individual rose.

And then later it's dark and there are fireworks, and Robert says the fireworks were nice, but the fact Jeremy is wearing a rose brought it down a little.

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