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Golden Graham
DeAnna says she's so excited to go to the guys' hometowns and meet their families. "It's definitely getting serious, and it's definitely getting scary," she says. She says she has feelings for all of the guys, in different ways.

First up is Jeremy, looks like, since we have to revisit that moment when DeAnna was prodded into forcing Jeremy to reveal that his parents are dead.

Then there's Jesse: "The kid I would never have pictured myself with," says DeAnna. "Kid"? She says he's changed her mind about him, and she can see them hanging out and having fun, and still being serious, despite the fact that Jesse didn't stick his tongue down her throat at the first or any opportunity.

Jason is a wonderful guy, and there's no doubt that he is here "for the right reasons," says DeAnna, that weird phrase that means "willing to serve my every whim," apparently. Jason "reveals" for the eightieth time that he has a son, and we're reminded again that DeAnna has absolutely no problem with that, which is nice of her.

Graham is "unbelievable smokin' hot" who makes her feel like a "giddy schoolgirl," says DeAnna. But they've had a rocky relationship, which means Graham isn't showing his love for her by being okay with her dating twenty-five guys at once.

"I know that this is the week where things get serious," she says. Well, sure! After all, what has it been, real time? Four weeks? That's almost a month. I'd asked my wife's father for his blessing inside of three weeks after meeting her, so I can understand her impatience.

First hometown is Breckinridge, Colo., where Jesse demonstrates how he shreds or extremes or other snowboarding lingo. DeAnna stands there watching him, and in a talking-head says she hopes he'll really open up since he's in his element.

DeAnna's never been snowboarding before, so Jesse holds her hands and they head down a gentle slope facing each other. They try holding just one hand, and when DeAnna lets go completely, she's on her face inside of two seconds. Cut to Jesse sincerely saying that DeAnna "killed it" and she's such a "natural athlete."

Jesse raves about how she got up after she fell, since he expected her to fall on her little badonkadonk. Both of them seem to agree that DeAnna is the biggest hero in recorded history for getting up after falling down while snowboarding.

After amazingly not dying, DeAnna shares some hot chocolate with Jesse while they chat about his family, and then things like how awesome it was DeAnna fell off the bull and he was the first one over to rescue her or whatever. Jesse wants to ride a "chairlift into the sunset" and I'm about ready to fire them off directly into the sun. Although him carrying her on his back as he rode down the hill was rather impressive. Jesse says his feelings have been kicked into "high gear," and we're off to meet the parents.

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