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Blue DeAnna Song

The other guys are slightly nonplussed to see Jason walk her in to the mansion. Jeremy feels there's a little bit of a threat, so he snags her for some one-on-one time (try to contain your shock) so he can talk about how he understands why she was so upset, and the guys all played a part in not respecting her. She points out that he was one of the guys hanging out with her, and he agrees that he is indeed awesome.

Inside, the other guys are asking Jason about whether he had a chance to talk about the date, and he casually talks about how great it was. Twilley quizzes him on whether he sees a connection growing. You'll never believe this, but Jason does.

So now Brian snags her for some one-on-one to talk about how her honesty shines through even in tough situations. Yeah, but if you're honest about being self-centred, it's not really a good thing, right? The guys note Brian holding hands with her while they talk, and everyone starts to realize that the guys who are left have made at least some sort of connection with her.

Well, except maybe for Twilley, who is Jason's pick for a dude who's doomed to go tonight. He snags some one-on-one time, this time of the "I'm feeling kind of like I'm behind" variety, and DeAnna reassures him that he wouldn't still be there if she didn't want him there.

Graham, one-on-one, puts some kind of "when I hurt you it helped me realize how much you care" gloss on their stupid little argument. I have no idea what anybody talks about. These people talk like soap-opera characters who have run their lines through inaccurate Internet translation sites into Japanese and then back into English. Then they kiss. They go back into the mansion, and then DeAnna says it's a beautiful night, so they should all go put their swimsuits on and go enjoy themselves in the pool, which gives DeAnna the chance to be "off the hook" in her bikini, according to Jesse.

Chris Harrison comes out to bust up the party. It would have been awfully bad-ass if he came out in a Speedo. Alternatively, I would have also enjoyed forcing everyone to do the solemn rose ceremony sopping wet in their bathing suits. But I guess when you're talking about something as deadly serious as the freakin' rose ceremony, nothing but grim dignity will do.

Chris now tries to take credit for the rose ceremony pool party, since the guys needed that after an emotional week. DeAnna comes out and apologizes if she made the situation any more stressful for anybody. "If"?

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