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Blue DeAnna Song

DeAnna talks about a personal struggle in giving out the rose. At the table, she talks about what an "amazing evening" it's been, and I wish we could have seen the "amazing" part. She talks about going on a two-on-one date tonight, and she knows how hard it is, and she respects them both for putting themselves out there. Then she decapitates Robert by saying she cannot give him the rose. She walks him to the limo, and if she tells him why, we don't get to see it. However, in a talking-head, she says she didn't feel the connection that she's dying to have. In the limo ride, Robert says he's "destroyed." "It'll be a while before I let anybody in," he says. A tear rolls down his cheek, and he turns his head to make sure the camera picks it up.

Back at the dinner, DeAnna tells Fred that he's an amazing man with a big heart. She says "put yourself out there" again. Uh-oh. She says she doesn't see "forever" with him. "I got led on by Brad," she says, adding that he's "too good" for her to do the same thing to him. You mean like telling two guys that at least one of them will get a rose on the date tonight? She says she's sorry, and he tells her she doesn't have to be: "I just want you to be happy."

Back at the Outhouse, the guys all run to see Robert's luggage get picked up -- and then stand around gobsmacked when they see Fred's luggage also get picked up. "That's an option we never considered," says Brian. "Freddie was a good dude who was stuck in the friend zone," says Jesse, who I think is in the friend zone himself. Back in the Hollywood Hills, Fred shows a lot of class and wishes her luck and hugs her, and tells her she can't feel anything different than you're supposed to -- which is true, and which is why this show is such bullshit. Fortunately, Fred doesn't fake-cry in the limousine. "I'm gonna find that true happiness for myself," he says. Back at the mansion DeAnna fake-cries all dramatically for the cameras.

"Who's to say she can't do that at any point?" points out Jesse. Graham says DeAnna's probably really upset, and he thinks Jason -- now left alone with DeAnna in the mansion -- is in a unique position to console her. And Jason's on that like white on rice, and talks about the date with her. The cuddle outside near the fire and chat about the date, and then they make out.

Time for the cocktail party. Jason thinks he's got a huge advantage because DeAnna saw how good he was to come home to talk to about the awful date. Friend zone alert! Friend zone alert! DeAnna has an overly madeup talking-head in which she talks about how tensions will be running high at tonight's cocktail party, because she was really upset last time they saw her. "Upset" is one way of putting it. So is "acting like a psychopath."

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