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Blue DeAnna Song

"Today was supposed to be a lot of fun. It just backfired on us," says Jeremy. That's because she wasn't the centre of attention, Jeremy. Of course, all the guys blame themselves. Or the two guys sulking, anyway. Fred's feeling like he's sitting pretty going into the date non-death match, though.

As the guys pack their suitcases, Robert says the stakes are a lot higher after what happened this afternoon. DeAnna in a talking head she's going to try to put it behind her (how big of you to try to put your own hissyfit behind you, DeAnna), and has arranged to have a nice dinner at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Yeah. I'm sure DeAnna is the one make all the calls setting up the dates they go on.

DeAnna asks the guys about the most romantic thing they've done for a woman was. Fred launches into a story about Las Vegas and five bags of rose petals that spelled out "I love you" to his ex-fiancée, which was so long the lighting actually changes. I think the sun actually set while he was talking. Fred tells a simpler story about a surprise trip up to Lake Geneva. Robert and his shiny face gets some one-on-one time, and he moves in for a kiss, with his shirt halfway open down his hairless chest. He's trying so hard to be suave. So hard. DeAnna dodges, rather awkwardly, and allows him a peck on the cheek. How he thought he had any chance after that is beyond me. They talk a little bit about the barbecue, about how he ran away from the situation, and he says he didn't want to be selfish and pull her away from everybody right there, but planned to talk to her up at the mansion. In a talking-head, he talks about the connection they have. He's so deluded.

Fred's a lot more low-key as he sits down for a chat with DeAnna. He tells her that he's there for her, and whatnot. There's a bunch of guys fighting for her, and he's one of them, he says. Bless her heart, she says she's trying to be strong for all of them, as they battle to the death for her. He says in a talking-head that he's developing feelings for her, and he's confident he's coming home with a rose.

Back at the Outhouse, the other guys chow down on takeout and talk about who's coming home. Most of the guys seem to think Fred's a hell of a guy (no one pipes up to say the same about Robert) and Robert may have made things easier for DeAnna tonight. Jeremy offers the possibility that Fred being a hell of a guy doesn't mean anything if DeAnna has a connection with Robert. Jeremy thinking DeAnna has any kind of connection with Robert means he hasn't really watched the two of them at all. Someone says that after what Robert pulled, there's no way DeAnna could see herself spending the rest of her life with him.

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