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Blue DeAnna Song

So his one-on-one time is spent nattering about connecting and getting to know each other and seeing if there's a future. He talks about the similarities between the two of them. When she tells him she lived in Kentucky for six years, he starts going on about their bluegrass connection. In a talking head, he says he felt like he might have been one of the "laggers" for DeAnna's heart, but now he's got the "pole position." I think Sean wants to tame her little red love machine.

Then DeAnna gets in the car. "Guys always tend to be the good drivers, but these guys don't know that I can probably outdrive them," she says in a talking head. The guys talk about how sexy and fearless she is -- and it turns out she goes 141.62, or so we're told. Sean in particular has a big boner over how she left rubber at the starting line.

In a surprise move, Jeremy angles for some one-on-one time, and they head off to the motorhome to chat about how upset he is that he didn't win. And yet, despite not winning, here he is with one-on-one time! So maybe he should stop crying. Outside, Brian thinks Jeremy feels like he has to keep stepping it up, because he thinks DeAnna's starting to realize that there are other good guys there too. Twilley mentions the tortoise and the hare, and in a talking head, calls Jeremy a bleep. So I guess Ron's not actually the only who doesn't like Jeremy.

In a talking head, DeAnna admits to really caring about Jeremy, but says she's attracted to Graham -- who has shown up to steal DeAnna from Jeremy. Jason, watching Graham and DeAnna together, laments their body-language. Graham takes advantage of the time they have to talk by talking about how he's taking advantage of this time to talk with her. These conversations are the verbal equivalent of mirrors on mirrors. She's rubbing his hand between his thumb and index finger, and thinks he's going to kiss her. Instead, he starts thinking of all the jockeys that were there before him. "I don't wanna be one of a bunch," he says. "All right," says DeAnna, suddenly pissed, although she says she's not mad; she's hurt. "You're hurt," says Graham, telling her that maybe now she knows how he feels. She then takes his head off, because having gone through this on the other side, of course she knows how he feels. "I don't think that Graham was being very fair," whines DeAnna in a talking head. "Sometimes I don't feel like it's just me and you," he says. That would be's not. I agree with Graham that this is a shitty way to do things. I agree so much that I wouldn't have done it. She feels he's the only one not putting himself out there, and that breaks her heart. For DeAnna, the ultimate compliment is if she thinks you're "putting yourself out there."

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