SAG Awards 2013: The Liveblog

by Rachel Stein January 27, 2013
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2013

Will Mad Men finally win something for its fantastic fifth season? Will Modern Family go home empty-handed twice in a row? Will this night be really boring? Find out now!

7:59 - Welp, I can now say I have seen the final 13 minutes of Failure to Launch. Disappointed that Matthew McConaughey didn't get eaten by a dolphin.

8:00 - And we're off! You can follow Busy Philipps AND us tonight on Twitter at @Busyphilipps25 and @tvwithoutpity, respectively. Is anyone watching this on TNT? I hope your commercials aren't all sad Dallas promos.

8:02 - Jane Krakowski, Chris Tucker, Helen Hunt, the ghost of Hal Holbrook, Betty Applewhite, Darren Criss and Sofia Vergara's boobs -- the SAGs has everyone!

8:05 - Every time Nicole Kidman's forehead moves or someone says the word "actress," drink a million drinks.

8:06 - Oh wow, and it's already time for Male Actor in a Supporting Role... and the winner is Tommy Lee Jones! Damn, I was rooting for the statue on stage with the Ken doll anatomy. On the bright side, Jones couldn't make tonight, so no acceptance speech.

8:07 - Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper thought their movie was really good, and are here to tell us about it. And then the teaser for Silver Linings Playbook totally gives away the ending. Lovely.

8:09 - Justin Timberlake is wearing TOO MANY PATTERNS. Shut it down!

8:09 - Who will win Female Actor in a Supporting Role. Why, it's...

8:10 - Anne Hathway's husband is so cute!

8:11 - Right, okay, back to the winner: Anne Hathaway (ugh, she has everything), and this is her first SAG win. Seriously? She was robbed during her Princess Diaries days. Did the 4,200 randomly selected members of the union not see the scene where she gets a makeover?

8:19 - Kerry Washington and Jeff Daniels are our modern times' Beauty and the Beast, aren't they?

8:20 - #AlecBaldwinsMopTop

8:20 - Where were we? Right, Male Actor in a Comedy Series. Anyone but Jon Cryer, anyone but Jon Cryer... wait, he's not even nominated? And Alec Baldwin won? Which means no Modern Family statue as of yet? The SAGs are so the new 2013 Golden Globes.

8:22 - Baldwin essentially just called his wife a trophy and ends his speech quickly. I will really miss him as a regular fixture in my TV-watching life.

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